Discover Ireland: A Family Journey <p>Explore Dublin’s vibrant Viking past, cruise along the Cliffs of Moher, and sleep like royalty when you spend two nights at an Irish castle on a family journey to Ireland. </p>


Discover Ireland: A Family Journey

9 days | Jun 29 - Jul 7, 2018

The Great War in France <p>Explore battlefields, military cemeteries, World War I museums, memorials, and monuments as you trace the footsteps of those who sacrificed so much. In Paris, discover the influences of French culture on American veterans who stayed on after the war and made their presence felt through dance, music, entertainment, and intellect. </p>



The Great War in France

9 days | Oct 12 - 20, 2018

Steeped in history, experience Europe’s medieval towns and timeless treasures as you take in Italy’s art and architecture, Iceland’s dramatic geological features, and the breathtaking scenery of France. Enjoy a cruise along historic waterways, colorful coastlines, and ancient islands or take a grand tour through the heart of Europe by land, ship, and train to uncover the rich culture this diverse region has to offer.


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