Enjoy a river cruise along the canals and waterways of Holland and Belgium as you take in their magnificent art collections, spellbinding gardens (including more than seven million tulips at Keukenhof Gardens), and enchanting medieval villages.

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 Some of the seven million tulips at Keukenhof  Keukenhof Gardens.  Credit: Steve Greye  Traditional Dutch landscape of countryside, windmills, and bicycles  Dutch landscape of tulip fields   Typical canal in Amsterdam  Rembrandt's <i>The Night Watch</i> at the Rijksmuseum. Credit: Netherlands Tourism Bureau  Vermeer's <i>The Milkmaid</i> in Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum. Credit: Frans Lemmens/Alamy  Self-portrait of Vincent Van Gogh. Credit: Netherlands Tourism Bureau  Typical scene in Amsterdam  Windmills along the river in Kinderdijk  Evocative canal in Bruges  Charming canal in Bruges  Evening scene along a canal in Bruges

Waterways of Holland and Belgium

A River Cruise from Amsterdam to Antwerp Aboard the Amadeus Star or Amadeus Queen

9 days from $3,390

Enjoy a river cruise along the canals and waterways of Holland and Belgium as you take in their magnificent art collections, spellbinding gardens (including more than seven million tulips at Keukenhof Gardens), and enchanting medieval villages.

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The tour "Waterways of Holland and Belgium" was a truly wonderful, joyous experience - the places visited were interesting and often awe-inspiring; the ship was a lovely "base" and the leaders all were marvelous - and, I might add, we had a thoroughly delightful group of fellow travelers! 

- Becky R.

Would highly recommend this trip. Couldn't do enough to keep us happy, checked with us constantly to make sure that all was well, and could anything else be done, to make the trip more memorable.

- Patricia, H.


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Apr 3 - 11, 2020 Departure
Paula Swart

Paula Swart

Art historian Paula Swart has been a museum curator for more than 20 years. Born in The Hague in the Netherlands, Paula studied at the University of Leiden and Amsterdam holding degrees in Sinology, art history, history, and archaeology. She has researched the history of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) and lectures on Dutch trade, exploration and discoveries. Paula participated in the project at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam studying artifacts from the shipwreck of the Dutch East India company ship Witte Leeuw (White Lion), found off the island of St. Helena in 1976. She speaks five languages, including Dutch and Mandarin, and has published several books and numerous articles on art and architecture, including one on Chinese wallpaper in Holland, which appeared in the Arts of Asia November-December issue, 2015.

She has a special interest in 17th century Dutch still life paintings and studied the restitution of Nazi loot by the government of the Netherlands.

She is a lecturer in the Continuing Education Department of the University of British Columbia where she has taught a series of courses related to UNESCO World Heritage.  

Apr 17 - 25, 2020 Departure
Tim Blanning

Tim Blanning

Tim Blanning is Professor Emeritus of Modern European History at the University of Cambridge. A Fellow of the British Academy since 1990, Tim has published extensively on the political and cultural history of Europe in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. Among his publications are The Culture of Power and the Power of Culture (2002), The Pursuit of Glory: Europe 1648-1815 (2007), The Triumph of Music (2008) and The Romantic Revolution (2010).  Tim's books have been translated into Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Hungarian, German, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Croatian and Arabic. His most recent book is a best-selling and prize-winning biography of Frederick the Great King of Prussia, published by Penguin/Random House. For his current project on the exciting if notorious Augustus ‘the Strong’ of Saxony and Poland he has expanded his area of expertise to include the Baltic countries and Eastern Europe.

Apr 24 - May 2, 2020 Departure; Apr 26 - May 4, 2021 Departure
Catherine Scallen

Catherine Scallen

Catherine Scallen is the Andrew W. Mellon Professor in the Humanities at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland OH, where she has taught art history since 1995. A specialist in Dutch, Flemish and Netherlandish art from 1400 to 1800, her scholarship has focused on the art of the Dutch painter and printmaker Rembrandt van Rijn, as her book Rembrandt, Reputation, and the Practice of Connoisseurship (2004) and numerous articles and reviews. She has also made two courses for the Great Courses company, Art of the Northern Renaissance and Museum Masterpieces: The National Gallery, London. In recent years she has begun publishing on the art market in Europe and America in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Catherine Scallen has lectured at museums and universities in Washington, DC and Los Angeles, Cambridge MA and Poughkeepsie NY, among other locales. A regular faculty participant in CWRU’s Senior Scholars program, the university’s adult education program, she has offered numerous courses that complement special exhibitions at the Cleveland Museum of Art. As a seasoned traveler to western Europe, especially Belgium and The Netherlands, she has traveled as a faculty lecturer for groups from Princeton University, the Cleveland Museum of Art, and CWRU.

Apr 19 - 27, 2021 Departure
Valerie Hedquist

Valerie Hedquist

Valerie Hedquist is a professor of art history at the University of Montana. She earned her Ph.D. with honors at the University of Kansas and has been teaching and writing for nearly 30 years. Her research focuses on the arts of the 17th and 18th centuries and includes articles on the religious paintings of Rembrandt and Vermeer. Of special interest is the influence of Italian cultural attitudes on the visual output of these Dutch artists and others. Her book on the changing reception and meaning of Thomas Gainsborough’s Blue Boy was published in summer 2019.