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Christopher Brennan

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Christopher Brennan, lecturer at the London School of Economics and Political Science, is a historian of Central and Eastern Europe with a special interest in the former Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Holy Roman Empire, Germany and the history of the Czechs. Though British, he grew up in south-western France. He obtained a BA in Modern Languages (German and Russian, plus Czech) at the University of Bristol and a Master’s in Slavonic Studies from Oriel College at the University of Oxford.

Dr. Brennan studied for a PhD at the London School of Economics on the subject of the collapse of the Habsburg Empire and the responsibility therefore of its last monarch, Emperor Karl I. He taught undergraduates for four years, with a one year hiatus in Paris lecturing American undergraduates on French history and on the history of Eastern European Communism. He has  written on the memory of World War I in the former Habsburg Empire and on the Balkan Wars. He authored chapters to two volumes on the collapse of Austria-Hungary and its aftermath and is now working on a biography of Karl I.

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