Smithsonian Journeys Dispatches

Memories of Africa

The majestic lion

By Smithsonian Travelers Carolyn and Bob Volk

Here’s to fellow Smithsonians, traveling

with us to seek

adventure and beauty in deepest Afrique!

We’ve had wonderful company, great food

and drink,

surroundings of elegance kept us all

in the pink.

Our Thornybush safari brought us wildlife

quite rare

animals, birds, sunsets and night skies

all beyond compare.

Here’s to glamorous Inga, so smart, fun

and capable,

as organizer-in-chief she is quite irreplaceable!

And our delightful Robyn, whose lectures

kept us in tune

with the foibles of clever lions and the

wily baboon!

May you travel and roam free like our

animal friends –

And let’s hope that our travel paths

will cross again!