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The Red Army, Chorus that is…

The Red Army Chorus, the official performing group of the Russian Armed Forces, includes a mens choir, orchestra, and dance ensemble. While famous for their performances of classic Russian folk songs, they also sing a variety of operatic and popular material. The ensemble began touring Russia in the late 1920's under the direction of Alexander Vasilyevich Alexandrov, who also wrote the National Anthem of the Soviet Union. During WWII, the Red Army Chorus gave more than 1,500 performances for troops at the front. The group also runs a choir school and ensemble for boys, which tours with the mens group.

Today, enjoy a video of the Chorus performing "Kalinka," a classic Russian folk song, where the singer attempts to woo a woman by comparing her to a snowberry, a raspberry, and a pine tree. And they say romance is dead!

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