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At Smithsonian Journeys, we’re in touch with a lot of really interesting people. Our Study Leaders, Journeys staff, and tour professionals are some of the best in the business - historians, scientists, and travel experts who have generously shared their passions about the world with all of us.

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Fred Ackerman

Gloria Baxevanis

Steve Beimel

Andrew Bender

Alyssa Bobst

Ellen Bradbury Reid

Mariana Carpinisan

Tom Crouch

Kate Desvenain

Misty Elek

Jessica Engler

Lourdes Fernandez

Andrea Gappell

Jean Glock

Christopher Griffin

Leah Ibraheem

Janet Jones

Kirt Kempter

Hank Kenny

Richard Kurin

Barry Lane

Allison Larkin

Gary Leiser

Andy Levine

Minhazz Majumdar

Sadie McVicker

David Parry

Jay Sharp

Don Shomette

Alice Stephens

Linda Stevens

Patrick Wagner

Dennis Weller

David G. Wilkins

Don Wilson