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                      Smithsonian Journeys travelers at Luxor Temple. Credit: Janet Duncan Jones 

                      Smithsonian Journeys Travelers enjoying a meal in Greece on our Athens and Poros Tour. 

                      Arctic-blue glaciers and spectacular scenery of Alaska 

                      On an Expedition to Antarctica with the Le Soléal in the background 

                      Smithsonian Journeys travelers enjoying an evening sunset on the Voyage from Rome to Malta cruise 

                      Relaxing on the dunes in Morocco 

                      Travelers enjoying a day in Uzbekistan on the new Silk Road: Journey to Central Asia tour 

                      On a hike in Europe 

                      Railroading in New England. Credit: Jen Slowey 

                      Aboard Zodiacs in Alaska 

                      In Agra, India 

                      On an Expedition to Antarctica with the Le Soléal in the background 

                      Smithsonian Journeys Travelers enjoying a day while on A Cruise of Japan 

                      On the Smithsonian at Oxford trip, a week long study program 

                      Enjoying the cruise on the Yangtze River 

                      Travelers enjoying a river cruise along the canals and waterways of Holland and Belgium  

                      Smithsonian Journeys Travelers enjoying a day on Hydra Island. 

                      Smithsonian Journeys travelers at the ruins in Epidaurus, Greece. 

                      Happy Smithsonian Journeys travelers on Holland and Belgium River Cruise 

                      Doubtful Sound in New Zealand  

                      Smithsonian Journeys travelers in front of the Seljalandsfoss waterfall 

                      Enjoying the Emerald Isle in front of Blarney Castle 

                      Attending a lecture at Merton College while at Oxford University 

                      A Smithsonian Journeys traveler and tutor discussing after a lecture in Oxford University 

                      On an Expedition to Antarctica 

                      Exploring the Galápagos Islands 

                      Loch Lomond, Scotland. Credit: Katherine Forsyth 

                      Enjoying the Highlights of Italy 

                      Legendary Peru travelers at Machu Picchu 

                      In the Baltics  

                      In Singapore. Credit: Dawn Rooney 

                      In Bali. Credit: Dawn Rooney 

                      At Potala Palace, Tibet 

                      In Death Valley 

                      On Easter Island 

                      Around the World by Private Jet traveler in India. Credit: Dr. Richard Kurin 

                      In Antarctica. Credit: Jim Zimbelman


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This is the story of Smithsonian Journeys.

From the Smithsonian was born an idea to bring the world’s cultures and natural sciences alive in experience-rich travel. Inspired by the Smithsonian mission, the “increase and diffusion of knowledge,” Smithsonian Journeys fosters the power that comes through travel—unlocking knowledge and cultural awareness—to better understand the world.

When you join our community of curious travelers, you will engage with the world through the Smithsonian lens, enjoying a memorable, immersive, and transformative experience. And, importantly, your participation benefits the work of the Smithsonian, helping to make the world a better place by preserving and celebrating what we cherish from our common past, present, and future.

Why Choose Smithsonian Journeys?

Smithsonian heritage and community Powered by more than 175 years of prestige and trust in the Smithsonian, our trips mirror the reputation, varied collections, research, and community of the Institution. On any given trip, you’ll travel with intellectually curious, worldly, and adventurous life-long learners, and forge lasting friendships with others who share your passion for deeper learning and exploration.

A quality experience With more than 350 departures on all seven continents, Smithsonian Journeys has been renowned for over 50 years for superior service, special access, and the personal touch of Smithsonian Journeys Experts, travel directors, and other staff. Plus, you’ll always find the ideal ships and distinctive properties that reflect the culture of your destination.

Educational emphasis Travelers return again and again due to the fun and engaged learning at the core of every Smithsonian Journeys tour and cruise. You’ll revel in the meaningful enrichment and insider perspectives brought by insightful, world-class, and charismatic Smithsonian Journeys Experts and local guides.