Journey to Yellowstone National Park in winter and explore a wonderland where geysers and waterfalls glaze the landscape in sparkling ice, wildlife roams across a white landscape, and mineral pools dazzle against the snows.  

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 Steamy terraces of Mammoth Hot Springs
 A coyote in the winter
 Hot springs in winter in Yellowstone National Park
 Emerald Spring at Norris Geyser Basin
 Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
 Old Faithful Geyser
 Bison breathing clouds of steam in a cold Yellowstone winter
 Bull elk in Yellowstone
 Bison in Yellowstone National Park
 Gray Wolf
 Yellowstone River in Winter
 Snowshoe excursion in the mountains

Yellowstone in Winter

6 days from $5,295

Journey to Yellowstone National Park in winter and explore a wonderland where geysers and waterfalls glaze the landscape in sparkling ice, wildlife roams across a white landscape, and mineral pools dazzle against the snows.  

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When winter comes, Yellowstone National Park is transformed into a snowy wonderland, where jewel-toned mineral pools stand out against the snows, waterfalls freeze in motion, and geysers send sparkling spray into the cold air. Wildlife is easier to spot on the quiet, wintry landscapes, and the park is open only to vehicles that can travel on snow, keeping the crowds at bay.  Discover this national treasure from the comfort of heated snow coaches, encountering legendary sites like Old Faithful and the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, as well as hidden gems that reveal themselves as you explore by snowshoe or on foot. 

Highlights Include

  • Mammoth Hot Springs: Take walks along Mammoth’s travertine terraces edged in snow and ice. Enjoy the opportunity to photograph this ethereal site.
  • Lamar Valley: Spend a day with naturalists in the Lamar Valley, one of the most wildlife-rich areas of Yellowstone National Park. Watch for bison, elk, pronghorns, and perhaps wolves against the wintry landscape, and learn about the effort to reintroduce wolves to the valley. 
  • Geysers, Waterfalls, Mud Pots, and Mineral Pools: Experience the park’s geothermal sites transformed by winter. Take in extraordinary views of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone and the otherworldly ice created by its waterfall. Watch Old Faithful erupt, spraying the landscape with frozen mist, and explore the surrounding wilderness by cross-country ski or snowshoe. Travel to two active geyser basins, and see mud pots and brightly colored mineral pools set off by the snows. 
  • Wildlife Photography: Meet with wildlife photographers Dan and Cindy Hartman to hear their tales from many years of exploring Yellowstone and photographing its creatures. Enjoy their images—and the stories behind them—and learn about life on the edge of Yellowstone. 


Day 1 — Bozeman to Mammoth Hot Springs

Arrive in Bozeman by early afternoon and meet your tour staff for the drive to Yellowstone National Park. Your route follows the Yellowstone River through breathtaking Paradise Valley, flanked by the 11,000-foot peaks of the Absaroka Range. Arrive in Mammoth Hot Springs in the late afternoon and head out for a walk along the steaming travertine terraces, set off by the winter landscape. Kick off your adventure with a welcome reception and dinner. (R,D)

Day 2 — Yellowstone’s Lamar Valley

Rise early this morning to observe wildlife in the Lamar Valley, home to bison, pronghorns, eagles, and wintering elk as well as several resident wolf packs. With your naturalist guides, watch for interactions between predator and prey, and witness how animals adapt to the harsh winter conditions while preparing for the spring birthing season. Learn about the intriguing social dynamics of a wolf pack, and gain insights into the controversial effort to reintroduce wolves to Yellowstone. After lunch, enjoy a presentation from wildlife photographers Dan and Cindy Hartman, who have spent years capturing images of animal in their natural habitat—in Yellowstone and elsewhere. Your wildlife sightings continue on the way back through the park to Mammoth. (B,L,D)

Day 3 — Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone and Old Faithful Snow Lodge

After breakfast, board heated snow coaches for a scenic journey to Old Faithful. Along the way, stop at the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone to see its iconic waterfalls creating surreal sculptures in ice within the colorful canyon walls. Settle into your cozy accommodations at the Old Faithful Snow Lodge, the only lodging open inside Yellowstone during the winter. (B,L,D)

Day 4 — Old Faithful

Old Faithful is just one of more than 500 geysers in Yellowstone National Park. Set out with guides today to discover some of the lesser known geysers, as well as fumaroles, mud pots, and gem-colored hot pools. Meander among the many geothermal features of the Upper Geyser Basin, each with its own unique character. See the famous Morning Glory Pool and other jewel-toned springs, their colors radiant against the surrounding snows. In the afternoon, opt to go cross-country skiing or snowshoeing (at additional cost) on trails around the Old Faithful area, or find a cozy nook at the lodge to curl up with a cup of tea and a good book. Tonight, gather for a lecture by your expert followed by a private dinner at the lodge. (B,L,D)

Day 5 — Norris Geyser Basin to Paradise Valley, Montana

Travel by snow coach back to Mammoth Hot Springs, following the Firehole River as it winds through the steaming, snowy landscape. On the way, stop in the Norris Geyser Basin, the hottest and most active geyser basin in the world. Take a walk to the Fountain Paint Pots to see pools of hot mud burbling and belching. Leave the park in the afternoon and travel north for our final night at a historic property that has welcomed travelers to Montana for more than a century.  Gather for a festive farewell reception and a fabulous meal at the resort’s acclaimed restaurant. (B,L,D)

Day 6 — Depart for Bozeman

Start the day with a morning soak before enjoying Chico’s delicious breakfast buffet. Return to the Bozeman airport today for afternoon flights home. (B) 

Included meals are denoted as follows: Breakfast (B), Lunch (L), Reception (R), Dinner (D)

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