Experience a journey of a lifetime as you visit two continents and travel by rail across nearly 4,000 miles to experience ever-changing landscapes and the fascinating cultures between Mongolia and Moscow.

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 The <i>Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express</i>, traveling along Lake Baikal  Pageantry at the Naadam Festival  Opening ceremonies, Naadam Festival  Traditional costumes, Naadam Festival  National Horse Guard in ceremonial dress, Naadam Festival  Naadam Festival wrestlers  Archer at the Naadam Festival, Mongolia.  Credit: Barbara York  Archery competition, Naadam Festival  Mongolian nomad on the steppes  Traditional landscape in Mongolia with <i>ger</i> and livestock  Village along Lake Baikal  Main street in Ulan Ude  Tuva musicians in Russia  Traditional and modern architecture of Yekaterinburg  The Kremlin in Kazan  Sky blue domes of the Annunciation Cathedral in the Kazan Kremlin  St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow  View of Moscow's Kremlin  Cabin aboard the <i>Golden Eagle</i>  Lounge aboard the <i>Golden Eagle</i>

The Trans-Siberian Express

Private Train Journey from Mongolia to Moscow featuring the Naadam Festival Aboard the Golden Eagle

14 days from $17,395

Experience a journey of a lifetime as you visit two continents and travel by rail across nearly 4,000 miles to experience ever-changing landscapes and the fascinating cultures between Mongolia and Moscow.

or Call 855-330-1542

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This was a wonderful trip. I thoroughly benefited from my time with Smithsonian. An added bonus is that so many people on the tour are knowledgeable that we learn from each other. 

- Barbara H.

All in all this was an outstanding adventure—unique background information, excellent city guides, and also all the attention to detail and safety was greatly appreciated. Would urge anyone to take this Journey and experience the vastness of Russia. 

- Pat R.

I really enjoyed this trip and will recommend it to my friends. This was just ‘as advertised,’ the voyage of a lifetime by private train. A unique experience with the most professional and personable staff.

- Ken T.

This was an outstanding tour full of very unique experiences and an incredible trip. Enjoyed nature at Lake Baikal and the wildflowers in full bloom; the folk culture at the Nadaam, the village life re-enacted near Irtursk and Lake Baikal, the special concerts at Novosibirsk and Moscow, the dinosaur museum. It was like having eight or ten superb vacations in a single tour!

- Clara Z.


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Golden Eagle Train

A true highlight of The Trans-Siberian Express train journey is the legendary train itself. The Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express private train, which travels between Mongolia and Moscow, is the most comfortable train available for this adventurous journey. Dining cars provide traditional Russian and European cuisine and the bar/ lounge car is a relaxing place to gather with other guests. The train offers a choice of comfort levels with different styles of sleeping cars. Each car features two attendants and each cabin offers well-appointed convertible berths, modern amenities, air- conditioning, and private bathroom/shower. 

  • Silver Class: Silver Class cabins are more compact than Gold Class cabins with similar facilities. Silver Class cabins feature the same amenities as Gold Class cabins but in a smaller space. 
  • Gold Class: Gold Class cabins are well-proportioned and feature modern en suite amenities including power showers, under floor heating, a DVD/CD player, LCD screen, remote-controlled air-conditioning/heating, recessed lighting and wardrobe and a personal safe. Each cabin is configured with upper and lower berths, and can accommodate double, twin or single occupancy.
  • Imperial Suite: Imperial Suites are the most beautiful and spacious cabins available onboard the Golden Eagle. Measuring a surprising 120 sq ft (11.1 sq meters), they are furnished with a luxurious king size bed, dedicated seating area, dressing table and private en-suite facilities with large power shower and under floor heating. Individual air-conditioning, wardrobe, DVD/CD player with LCD screen and two large picture windows make the cabin a pleasant retreat.
  • Dining Cars feature local and European cuisine complemented by a selection of local and European wines. Dining cars are multi-purpose, used for on-board lectures and viewing documentaries. One or more dining cars may be included in the train formation of any given departure depending on the number of passengers. 
  • The Bar/Lounge Car is a favorite destination in the train formation and is typically included on most departures. The lounge offers a relaxing and comfortable area where you can enjoy a drink, take language lessons, and gather around the piano with other passengers. 

 Lounge aboard the <i>Golden Eagle</i>  Cabin aboard the <i>Golden Eagle</i>  Members of the <i>Golden Eagle</i> train personnel  Dine aboard the <i>Golden Eagle</i>