During a one-week stay in sunny Sorrento, experience Italy’s southern Campania region, renowned for the Amalfi Coast, World Heritage archaeological sites, sophisticated resorts, and distinctive cuisine. 

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 Town situated along Italy's renowned Amalfi Coast  The Amalfi cathedral  Mediterranean garden along the Amalfi Coast  Remarkable Pompeii, with Mount Vesuvius in the background  Wall painting found in Pompeii  "Beware of Dog" floor mosaic at a house in Pompeii  Artifacts on display in Pompeii  Shop with counter and display area along a street in Pompeii  Modern town of Herculaneum overlooking the archaeological site  Room in Herculaneum with fresco decoration  Room decorated with frescoes in Herculaneum  One of the famous Greek temples at Paestum in southern Italy  Yachts in a harbor on Capri  Port on the island of Capri  City of Naples with Mt. Vesuvius on the horizon  Lemons and the traditional limoncello aperitif  Village of Positano, along the Amalfi Coast


A One-Week Stay in Italy

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During a one-week stay in sunny Sorrento, experience Italy’s southern Campania region, renowned for the Amalfi Coast, World Heritage archaeological sites, sophisticated resorts, and distinctive cuisine. 

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In sunny Sorrento, experience Italy’s southern Campania region—renowned for the Amalfi Coast, World Heritage archaeological sites, sophisticated resorts, and distinctive cuisine—during your one–week stay at the centrally located Hotel Plaza Sorrento. 

Highlights Include

  • The Amalfi Coast: Drive along the breathtaking Amalfi Coast with its dramatic hairpin curves and spectacular views. Visit Positano, a town built along sheer seaside cliffs, then take a private boat to the charming town of Amalfi with its lovely Cathedral of Saint Andrea. 
  • Archaeological Sites: Travel to Paestum to see three of the most well-preserved Greek temples in the world. Later, spend a day exploring the ancient Roman towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum, both destroyed by the catastrophic eruption of Vesuvius in A.D. 79. 
  • Naples: Gaze upon the stunning art and artifacts of everyday life discovered at Pompeii and Herculaneum, now housed at the Museo Archeologico Nazionale, plus see other cultural highlights in Naples. 
  • Capri: Explore the enchanting Isle of Capri, a sophisticated resort area since Roman times. 
  • Regional Cuisine: Visit a farm that produces the famous buffalo mozzarella, savor Neapolitan pizza, and sip traditional limoncello at leisure. 

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Day 1 — Depart the U.S.

Smithsonian Journeys travelers depart the U.S. on an overnight transatlantic flight to Naples, Italy.

Day 2 — Sorrento

Arrive at Naples International Airport and transfer to your hotel in Sorrento. Upon arrival at the hotel, you’ll receive a welcome kit with maps and general information about Campania and Sorrento. There’s time to unpack and relax before joining fellow Smithsonian travelers for an orientation walk of the neighborhood surrounding the hotel. The evening begins with a Smithsonian welcome reception and dinner at the hotel. (R,D)

Day 3 — Positano and Amalfi

Breakfast is served each morning during your stay at the hotel. The Smithsonian Journeys Expert will host an engaging presentation. It has been said the beauty of the Amalfi Coast, a World Heritage Site, defies description. A drive along the hairpin coastal road offers breathtaking views and is one of the world’s most remarkable travel experiences. Visit Positano, where colorful houses cascade down the hillside to the sea. After leisure time, continue by private boat to the town of Amalfi where you’ll enjoy a walk through the town to see the Piazza and the Cathedral of Saint Andrea. After a lunch featuring local specialties, return to the hotel. This evening sit down to dinner with Smithsonian travelers for dinner at a popular local restaurant. (B,L,D) 

Day 4 — Paestum

Travel south along the Bay of Naples to visit the antiquities of Paestum, site of the most awesome and well-preserved examples of Greek architecture outside Greece and a World Heritage Site. Known as Poseidonia during ancient times, the site includes spectacular remains of Doric temples honoring Hera, Athena and Poseidon. After lunch near the ruins, Meet the People for a discussion about life in Italy today. Later this afternoon, attend a talk about the wonders of Naples’ National Museum. Dinner this evening will be served at a select restaurant. (B,L,D)

Day 5 — Naples

This morning, attend an engaging presentation by the Smithsonian Journeys Expert. Depart on a fascinating excursion to Naples. The historic center of Naples has been designated by as a World Heritage Site. See the Castel Nuovo, the Piazza Plebiscito, the world-famous Teatro San Carlo, one of the most famous Opera Houses in the world, and the Church of San Franceso di Paola. Explore the Museo Archeologico Nazionale, one of the world’s most important archaeological museums. It showcases the impressive Farnese Collection of Roman sculpture. See artifacts from Herculaneum and Pompeii including Pompeiian mosaics, domestic items, weapons and murals. After lunch, return to Sorrento where the balance of the day will be free of planned activities. (B,L)

Day 6 — Isle of Capri

Take the hydrofoil for a visit to the enchanted Capri, located in the Bay of Naples. Enjoy a tour around the island by private boat and then spend time exploring the main town of Capri. After a return to the hotel, the Smithsonian Journeys Expert will offer an engaging talk. Later, get together with fellow travelers for dinner at a popular local restaurant. (B,L,D)

Day 7 — Pompeii and Herculaneum

The Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum where destroyed on a tragic day in August of 79 A.D. by a cataclysmic eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. During the eruption, Pompeii was covered by volcanic ash that preserved buildings and frescoes for centuries. After lunch at the site, continue to Herculaneum, a wealthy town, buried by mud flows that preserved this seaside town. Both sites are designated important World Heritage Sites.

Day 8 — Sorrento

After a talk focusing on Contemporary Italy, follow your own path and explore solo or with new friends. This evening, sit down with fellow Smithsonian Journeys travelers for a farewell reception and dinner at a popular Sorrento restaurant. (B,D)

Day 9 — Depart for the U.S.

Early this morning, transfer to the Naples International Airport for flights to the U.S. (B)

Included meals are denoted as follows: Breakfast (B), Lunch (L), Reception (R), Dinner (D)