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A note about ger accommodations:
Gers have served as nomadic dwellings for millennia and staying in them is part of an authentic Mongolian experience. However, given the ger camps’ remote locations and Mongolia’s developing tourism infrastructure, these unique lodgings are rustic and require a sense of adventure and flexibility on the part of Western travelers. Guests (including singles) have their own gers, but bathrooms and shower facilities are housed in a separate ger. Western toilets and hot water are available. Showers are communal, though they offer ample room for privacy. Internet connectivity can be limited throughout this trip.

Khan Bogd Ger Camp
Gobi Desert
Situated in the foothills of Gurvan Saikhan Mountain near scenic Eagle Valley, the Khan Bogd Ger Camp offers panoramic views of a unique landscape. The camp has the capacity to accommodate 80 guests. Camp amenities include a restaurant and pub, internet access, folk performances, and motorcycle rentals.
1 night

Gobi Discovery Ger Camp,
Gobi Desert
The Gobi Discovery Ger Camp sits on the banks of the Khongor River within Gurvansaikhan National Park, near the massive Khongoryn Els “singing” sand dunes. The camp’s 40 gers accommodate up to 120 guests. Camp amenities include a restaurant and bar, and store.
2 nights

Gobi Mirage Ger Camp
Gurvansaikhan National Park
Situated in the eastern part of Gurvansaikhan National Park, the Gobi Mirage Ger Camp is situated close to the Flaming Cliffs of Bayanzag and their famed collection of dinosaur fossils. The environmentally sustainable camp accommodates up to 80 guests. Camp amenities include a restaurant, internet access, laundry service, souvenir shop, and camel and horse rentals.
1 night

Mon Altai Ger Camp, Mt. Khogno Khan
2 nights

Khustai Ger Camp
Khustai Nuruu National Park
The Khustai Ger Camp is located at the entrance of Khustai Nuruu National Park, home to the rare takhi wild horses. The camp accommodates up to 95 guests and its amenities include a restaurant, sauna with massage treatments, laundry service, internet access, and bicycle rentals. Individual gers have tea- and coffee-making facilities.
1 night

Alag Tsar Ger Camp
Lake Khuvsgul
Situated on the shore of pristine Khusvsgul Lake where the Alagtsar River flows into the lake, the Alag Tsar Ger Camp accommodates up to 80 guests. The camp offers a restaurant and bar, handicraft shop, sauna, laundry service, and performances of traditional arts and sports. Archery equipment, boats, and mountain bikes are available for rent.
2 nights

Tuul Riverside Lodge
Nestled in the hills above the Tuul River, the fully sustainable Tuul Riverside Lodge ger camp offers a pastoral retreat in the countryside east of Ulaanbaatar. Camp amenities include a restaurant, laundry service, on-site cultural activities, and boat, archery, and mountain bike rentals. Traditionally decorated gers offer private en-suite baths with shower.
2 nights

Ulaanbaatar Hotel
The 105-room Ulaanbaatar Hotel, a restored 1959 landmark building, sits at the bustling crossroads of the city’s most popular downtown area. Hotel amenities include restaurant and bar, internet access, laundry service, beauty salon, fitness center, and sauna. Air-conditioned guest rooms have private bath with hair dryer, internet access, fridge, mini-bar, in-room safe, tea- and coffee-making facilities, TV, and phone.
2 nights