Enjoy autumn colors and clear blue skies as you trace the route of Lewis and Clark, exploring one of America's great waterways along the Columbia and Snake Rivers.

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 The dramatic Mount Hood  The Columbia River  Fort Clatsop. Credit: Ralph Lee Hopkins  Statue of Sacagawea at Fort Clatsop. Credit: Marc Cappelletti  Multnomah Falls in the Columbia River Gorge  The Palouse River and waterfall. Credit: Jason Hatfield  Pictograph found along the route of Lewis and Clark  Kayakers on the Columbia River. Credit: Ralph Lee Hopkins  Fort Clatsop National Memorial. Credit: Marc Cappelletti

In the Wake of Lewis and Clark

Cruising the Columbia and Snake Rivers Aboard the 62-guest National Geographic Sea Bird

7 days from $4,890

Enjoy autumn colors and clear blue skies as you trace the route of Lewis and Clark, exploring one of America's great waterways along the Columbia and Snake Rivers.

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I enjoyed our expedition landing craft tour of Palouse Falls. Great small ship. Wonderful food! My 6th Smithsonian trip!

- Gail A.

My perspective on the world was transformed by this expedition.

- Jeffrey A.


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National Geographic Sea Bird and National Geographic Sea Lion

Our identical, 62-guest expedition ships offer the perfect platform for exploring Alaska. With a shallow draft, they can go where larger ships cannot, nosing up to waterfalls in secluded coves and venturing into narrow channels where humpback whales and orcas come to feed.

Both National Geographic Sea Bird and National Geographic Sea Lion have been transformed. The lounge and bar, center of onboard life, have been handsomely re-styled and renovated to accommodate the expedition community. The refreshed dining room is now doubly welcoming. And every cabin in every category has been outfitted with fresh cherry veneer and our signature bed lines. Each ship sets new standards for expedition hospitality and comfort. 

Accommodating 62 guests in 31 outside cabins. All cabins have a window, and the upper and bridge deck cabins open to the outdoors. Each cabin has private facilities and thermostats. Their inviting public spaces foster a sense of shipboard life where everyone is integral to the adventure, engendering a sense of expedition community. Both ships are equipped with special expedition equipment that guarantee an in-depth experience in all the places we explore - a bow camera, hydrophone, kayaks, Splash-Cam, underwater video camera, and video microscope. And the open bow is a natural gathering place that accommodates the entire community at once for shared wildlife viewing experiences.

Amenities, great food, camaraderie, comfort & wellness
Henry David Thoreau called it the “tonic of wildness.” It’s what visiting Alaska, with its beauty and wildness intact, gives you—a spirit lift. To compound this healthful effect, we add the luxury of comfort to the privilege of being here—with a quality of shipboard life and a philosophy of wellness designed to relax and rejuvenate body, mind, and spirit. 

Informal ambiance, relaxed attitude
There’s no need to dress up ever; life aboard our two ships is casual all the way. There’s no assigned seating in the dining room. This makes for easy mingling and the fun of sharing breakfast, lunch, or dinner with different new friends, staff or guest speakers. Independent travelers can count on a welcome everywhere they turn. And we invite you to visit the bridge to watch the calm business of ship navigation unfold.

Excellent food 
Our chefs use fresh, local ingredients whenever possible, including locally grown produce, sustainable catch king salmon, local halibut, and other indigenous products. By adding local flavors to a menu, we aim to give you a greater sense of the cuisine and culture in the region we’re exploring. An array of fresh fruits and delicious, fresh juices are key components of the breakfast buffet, as are fresh vegetables and fish at lunch and dinner. One of the culinary events that always earns rave reviews is the Dungeness crab feast—a mouth-watering taste of the region’s bounty. There are fish or meat and vegetarian choices at every meal, and our chef will happily accommodate other special diet requests.

The ship’s hospitable hotel staff maintain always-open stations for coffee, tea, soda, and water. If the bar is closed, beer is available in a serve-yourself refrigerator. Cookies are put out in the afternoon at teatime. And pre-dinner hors d’oeuvres are served in the Lounge at daily Recap. There are reusable water bottles in every cabin and chilled fresh water stations aboard for convenience.

The personal "ahhhhh" factor
Your cabin will be an inviting place to end your active day—with locally sourced organic botanical products in the bathroom. And on your bed: our feather duvet with an organic cotton cover and cotton sheeting.

Sociable spaces, quiet corners
The lounge is the center of the expedition community; where we gather for talks and daily Recap. The bow and sundeck are other gathering places, where guests mingle with staff to scan the sea for marine mammals. The ships also offers an enjoyable outdoor deck with tables and chairs to pass time individually, or with a small group.

Rise and shine and connect with wildness
Greet the cool morning with a pre-breakfast stretching session on deck, led by your wellness specialist. Or sleep in and take advantage of the ships exercise bike, elliptical, stretch bands, and yoga mats at your convenience. Long hikes, kayaking, and short trail walks offer an even deeper connection with the wild world.

Onboard spa treatments
Massage therapy and body treatments, plus face, hand, foot treatments will relax and rejuvenate you. Choose to have a treatment instead of an activity, or to end an active day of exploring.