Experience the history and culture of Greece during this special two-center stay program. Feel the essence of Greek life by staying on the quiet island of Poros and enjoy exploring important sites, including the Acropolis in Athens, Mycenae, and Epidaurus.

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 The main town on the Greek island of Poros  The magnificent Acropolis in Athens  The Parthenon on the Acropolis in Athens  Port area of Poros  Typical Greek island taverna  Dinner scene on Poros  The dramatic theater at Epidaurus  The Lion's Gate at Mycenae  The Corinth Canal

Athens and Poros

A Stay in Greece

10 days from $3,740

Experience the history and culture of Greece during this special two-center stay program. Feel the essence of Greek life by staying on the quiet island of Poros and enjoy exploring important sites, including the Acropolis in Athens, Mycenae, and Epidaurus.

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I'm a single traveler and after three tours with SJ I have come to know these certainties: I'm safe; It's well organized; It's fun and I learn.

- MaryAnn O.


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Oct 31 - Nov 9, 2019 Departure
Veronica Kalas

Veronica Kalas

Veronica Kalas is an art historian and archaeologist with special expertise in the ancient through Byzantine periods. She has taught courses on such topics as ancient Rome, ancient to medieval art and architecture, and special topics in Byzantine art at the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor and Dearborn) and Wayne State University, as well as in Ankara. Veronica has also worked on archaeological excavations and architectural surveys in Greece, Turkey, and Tunisia. She earned her Ph.D. in art history and archeology from New York University'’s Institute of Fine Arts and her B.A. in Classical Archaeology from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Her special area of expertise focuses on the architecture and society of Byzantine Cappadocia, a volcanic region located in central Turkey. She is also very interested in cross cultural and interdisciplinary approaches to the history of art and archaeology. Veronica has published many articles and papers, and is currently working on a book on Cappadocia. Her work has been supported by various grants and fellowships, including the American Research Institute in Turkey, the Program in Hellenic Studies at Princeton University, and Dumbarton Oaks Research Libraries and Collections in Washington, D.C. Veronica has enjoyed filming for the History Channel, lecturing to the public, and leading archeological study tours.

Apr 30 - May 9, 2020 Departure
Stephen Clancy

Stephen Clancy

Stephen Clancy is an art historian with special expertise in ancient, medieval, and Renaissance art and architecture. A popular Smithsonian Journeys Expert, he has led more than 15 tours and cruises through the Mediterranean region and northern Europe.

Stephen Clancy recently retired as Professor of Art History at Ithaca College in Ithaca, New York, where he taught for twenty-seven years.  After receiving his Ph.D from Cornell University, Stephen taught the history of Ancient, Medieval, and Renaissance art and architecture, as well as courses on visual persuasion and the rhetoric of art.  His research career began with a focus on fifteenth-century French and Flemish illuminated manuscripts, specifically with works connected to the artists Jean Fouquet (about whom he has written a book, a book chapter, and several articles) and Simon Marmion (for which he received a 1995-96 Fulbright Scholarship in Brussels, Belgium).  Stephen is a recipient of grants from the Hewlett and Keck foundations. 

Stephen worked with a team of students and faculty from the University of Melbourne in Australia to investigate how technology can open up new avenues for understanding the art and architecture of the distant past, in a project entitled “Virtual Chartres Cathedral.” More recently he was a Visiting Fellow at the Australia National University in Canberra, investigating the roles that images play in shaping cultural identity, in a project entitled “Visualizing the Self and Others: Muslims, Jews, and Christians in Medieval Iberia.”

Stephen’s latest research project has seen him develop a course entitled “Jewish Imagery and Images of Jews,” and has taken him to a number of medieval Jewish cultural sites in Spain, Germany, and France, where the past is being revived and reinvented in interesting and sometimes controversial ways. The academic pursuit he has enjoyed above all others is teaching and sharing his knowledge of art and architecture. He has served as a lecturer on numerous tours over the past twenty-two years in the Mediterranean and in northern Europe, from Scandinavia to Russia.

Sep 3 - 12, 2020 Departure
David Price Williams

David Price Williams

David Price Williams has a degree in Ancient Near Eastern languages and Classical Greek and a doctorate in Near Eastern archaeology and has spent his working life as an East Mediterranean archaeologist. His first overseas field work was in 1969 as a surveyor at the classical site of Knidos in Turkey. He then worked for the Smithsonian Institution before directing his own field research in the same area through the 1970’s. David has designed and lectured on many cruises to Greece, Turkey and the Near East. He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and an elected life member of the Society for Old Testament Studies.