Enjoy an in-depth guided tour of the major sites from the Battle of Britain, explore the best preserved World War II airfield in the United Kingdom, and attend the famous Farnborough Air Show. 

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 British Hawker Hurricane  Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament  Battle of Britain historic planes  Exhibit in the Churchill War Rooms in London. Credit: Alex Segre/Alamy

The Battle of Britain

Featuring the Farnborough Air Show

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Enjoy an in-depth guided tour of the major sites from the Battle of Britain, explore the best preserved World War II airfield in the United Kingdom, and attend the famous Farnborough Air Show. 

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In 1940, British and German air forces found themselves locked in combat in the skies above the United Kingdom in what would become the largest sustained bombing campaign the world had ever seen. Despite the vicious ferocity of these attacks, Germany’s Luftwaffe failed to gain superiority over the Royal Air Force, forcing Hitler to permanently postpone a landing on the British Isles. Thus, the Battle of Britain became a decisive turning point in the war and proving the strength of air power. Retrace the events of 1940 and conclude the tour attending a spectacular celebration of Aviation history at the Farnborough Air show.

Highlights Include

  • Aviation Sites: Enjoy an in-depth guided tour of the major sites from The Battle of Britain and explore the best preserved World War II airfield in the United Kingdom.
  • London: Take a city tour that focuses on the Battle of Britain and visit the Churchill War Rooms, where Churchill and his government took shelter during the Blitz. Meet with the superintendent of the Cambridge American Cemetery and Memorial and see The Royal Air Force Chapel at Westminster Abbey.
  • Farnborough Air Show: Watch the world-renowned Farnborough Air Show, a spectacular celebration of Aviation that only happens once every two years. 


Days 1 & 2 — Depart the U.S for London, England

Arrive in London and transfer to hotel. This afternoon, visit the Churchill War Rooms, the original wartime bunker that sheltered Winston Churchill and his government during the Blitz. The historic rooms contain the stories of those who worked underground as London was being bombed above them. Walk through the exhibit to learn more about the life and legacy of Winston Churchill, and to get an idea of how dire the situation in London really was. Gather tonight for a welcome reception and dinner. (R,D)

Day 3 — The London Blitz

Today, immerse yourself in The Battle of Britain with an in-depth guided tour of some of the crucial sites from The Royal Air Force Memorial (RAF) to the Battle of Britain London Monument. Learn more about the events that led to Churchill announcing on June 8th 1940, that while the Battle of France was over, the Battle of Britain was about to begin. Between July 10th and October 31st the RAF lost 1,023 aircraft and the Luftwaffe lost 1,882. During your tour, discuss the scenes of the London Blitz. Visit Parliament Square and stop to admire the Winston Churchill statue there. This afternoon, visit The Royal Air Force Museum Hendon and explore the collection at The Battle of Britain Hall. This evening, gather for a private lecture on London during the Blitz. (B)

Day 4 — Biggin Hill / Westminster Abbey

After breakfast, visit the Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar, formerly the RAF Biggin Hill Station, which was responsible for protecting the southeast of England during the Battle of Britain and guarding approaches to the capital. Meet with the volunteers / a guide there and tour the WWII-era planes being restored. Then, return to London and visit Westminster Abbey, stopping at The Royal Air Force Chapel and the Memorial Window dedicated to the Battle of Britain. (B)

Day 5 — Bentley Priory / RAF Uxbridge / Madingley Military Cemetery / Cambridge

Check out of the hotel this morning and visit the Bentley Priory, the headquarters of Fighter Command during the Battle of Britain. Visit RAF Uxbridge and the No 11 Ground Operations Room in the Battle of Britain Bunker. Then, take a trip to the Madingley Military Cemetery and Memorial, the American cemetery in the U.K., and meet with the Superintendent there. Continue to Cambridge and check into the hotel. Enjoy a dinner at a local restaurant this evening. (B,D) 

Day 6 — Imperial War Museum Duxford

Travel to the Imperial War Museum in Duxford, the best preserved World War II airfield in the U.K., and get an up-close and personal look at the hundreds of iconic aircraft on display. Then, walk through the Battle of Britain exhibition; visit the American Air Museum, which pays tribute to the 30,000 US soldiers who gave their lives flying from U.K. bases in WWII, and see the reconstructed 1940 Operations Room. Back at the hotel in Cambridge this evening, gather for a special lecture on the U.S. and its role during the Battle of Britain. (B)

Day 7 — Bletchley Park / London

After breakfast, visit Bletchley Park, a place which played an important role in World War II. See the premises where the famous Enigma code was cracked and where the groundbreaking technological achievements by masterminds like Alan Turing have had a profound influence on the outcome of the war. Return to London and check into the hotel where this evening is at leisure. (B)

Day 8 — Farnborough Air Show

Today, attend the world-famous Farnborough Air Show. This special celebration of aviation happens only once every two years. The four and a half hour flying display will be packed with non-stop action, and the entertainment on the ground promises to be just as spectacular. Enjoy the newly introduced Farnborough Airshow Live, an informative live stage show with fun and colorful presentations, competitions, and interviews, the General Aviation exhibition, and enhanced shopping options. Tonight, enjoy a farewell reception and dinner. (B,R,D)

Day 9 — Depart London

Following breakfast, transfer as a group to the airport for individual flights back to the U.S. (B)

Included meals are denoted as follows: Breakfast (B), Lunch (L), Reception (R), Dinner (D)