See the White Continent in its unspoiled state—turquoise glaciers, bustling penguin rookeries, and breaching whales.

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 Evocative ice forms in Antarctica  Towering mountains of ice  Ice mountains  Adélie penguins in Antarctica  Exploring the ice cliffs by Zodiac  Solitary penguin waiting to jump in the water. Credit: Cara Sucher  Penguin gazing at the Le Boréal. Credit: Katryn Wiese  Reflection of an iceberg, Antarctica. Credit: Brenda Morris  Looking out at the Le Boréal from an iceberg. Credit: Katryn Wiese  Smithsonian travelers and expert Jim Zimbelman in Antarctica  Chinstrap penguins   Breaching humpback whale  Leopard seal in Antarctica  Travelers going out to explore Antarctica.  Credit: Katryn Wiese  Penguins on the ice  On the way back to the Le Boréal. Credit: Katryn Wiese  Adelie penguins at home

Expedition to Antarctica

A Round-trip Cruise from Ushuaia, Argentina

14 days from $9,995

See the White Continent in its unspoiled state—turquoise glaciers, bustling penguin rookeries, and breaching whales.

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There is no comparison! This trip was The Best trip I've ever been on in almost 50 years of international travel.

- Gail C.

This was a once in a lifetime expedition trip. Arrangements and execution of all facets of the Antarctica journey including ship to beach and land-based expeditions were rewarding and memorable. 

- Charles L,

This trip was the perfect combination of knowledgeable guides and lecturers, small group size, wonderful ship, and the most spectacular destination imaginable. 

- Dalia A.


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