See the White Continent in its unspoiled state—turquoise glaciers, bustling penguin rookeries, and breaching whales.

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 Evocative ice forms in Antarctica  Towering mountains of ice  Ice mountains  Adélie penguins in Antarctica  Exploring the ice cliffs by Zodiac  Solitary penguin waiting to jump in the water. Credit: Cara Sucher  Penguin gazing at the Le Boréal. Credit: Katryn Wiese  Reflection of an iceberg, Antarctica. Credit: Brenda Morris  Looking out at the Le Boréal from an iceberg. Credit: Katryn Wiese  Smithsonian travelers and expert Jim Zimbelman in Antarctica  Chinstrap penguins   Breaching humpback whale  Leopard seal in Antarctica  Travelers going out to explore Antarctica.  Credit: Katryn Wiese  Penguins on the ice  On the way back to the Le Boréal. Credit: Katryn Wiese  Adelie penguins at home

Expedition to Antarctica

A Round-trip Cruise from Ushuaia, Argentina

14 days from $9,995

See the White Continent in its unspoiled state—turquoise glaciers, bustling penguin rookeries, and breaching whales.

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There is no comparison! This trip was The Best trip I've ever been on in almost 50 years of international travel.

- Gail C.

This was a once in a lifetime expedition trip. Arrangements and execution of all facets of the Antarctica journey including ship to beach and land-based expeditions were rewarding and memorable. 

- Charles L,

This trip was the perfect combination of knowledgeable guides and lecturers, small group size, wonderful ship, and the most spectacular destination imaginable. 

- Dalia A.


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Jan 15 - 28, 2020 Departure
Jim Zimbelman

Jim Zimbelman

Dr. Jim Zimbelman is a planetary geologist at the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum where he has served as the chairman of the Center for Earth and Planetary Studies. He has expertise in physics and mathematics (B.A.), geophysics and space physics (M.S. University of California at Los Angeles), as well as geology (Ph.D. Arizona State University). Jim was co-editor of the book Environmental Effects on Volcanic Eruptions: From Deep Oceans to Deep Space, co-author of Dunes Worlds and has written more than 90 papers and maps for various peer-reviewed scientific journals and books. Over the past 28 years at NASM, he has been involved in the analysis of high-resolution spacecraft imaging and geophysical data of the Earth and terrestrial planets, geologic mapping of Mars and Venus, and other geologic studies of terrestrial planets.

Jan 28 - Feb 10, 2020 Departure
Scott Burns

Scott Burns

Scott Burns is a Professor Emeritus of Geology and Past-Chair of the Dept. of Geology at Portland State University where he just completed his 28th year of teaching. He was also Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at P.S.U. from 1997-1999. Scott has been teaching for 48 years, with past positions in Switzerland, New Zealand, Washington, Colorado and Louisiana. Dr. Burns specializes in environmental and engineering geology, geomorphology, soils, and Quaternary geology. Scott has won many awards for outstanding teaching, the most significant being the Faculty Senate Chair Award at Louisiana Tech University in 1987, the Distinguished Faculty Award from the Portland State Alumni Association in 2001, and the George Hoffmann Award from PSU in 2007. Based on his national leadership performance Scott was chosen to be a fellow of the Geological Society of America (2004) and a fellow with the Kellogg National Fellowship Program (1990 – 1993). He was president of the Downtown Rotary Club of Portland, Oregon’s oldest and largest Rotary club in 2009. Scott is a 6th generation Oregonian who grew up in Beaverton and is very happy to be "home" after a 25 year hiatus! He actively helps local TV, radio stations and newspapers bring important geological news to the public. Scott enjoys all sports, especially basketball, running, skiing, hiking, swimming, tennis, and golf.