Victoria Cass

Victoria Cass is a professor and author with special expertise in traditional Chinese culture. Most recently she was a visiting professor at Johns Hopkins University; she has also taught Mandarin and Classical Chinese language, as well as Chinese literature, at the University of California, Berkeley; the University of Minnesota; and the University of Colorado, Boulder. Her specialties are religion and myth, storytelling and popular culture, and women’s history, especially that of infamous Chinese women such as female mystics, courtesans, healers, and warriors. She has written two very successful books: In the Realm of the Gods: Lands, Myths and Legends of China, and Dangerous Women: Warriors, Grannies, and Geishas of the Min. She has also contributed to scholarly journals, textbooks, and encyclopedias, writing the lead essay on women in religion for the Encyclopedia of Religion. Victoria has lived and worked in China periodically since 1963.