Peter Warwick

Peter is chairman of three organizations: The 1805 Club, the international committee of Waterloo 200 and Thames alive, a new campaign promoting the River Thames with distinctive events and pageants. He was vice-chairman of the Official Nelson Commemorations Committee and organized the reconstruction, in 2005, of Lord Nelson's river -borne funeral procession. Peter is a published author and lectures widely on polar and naval history, notably Horatio Nelson. After graduating om Economics at Hull University he worked for over twenty years as an investment consultant and subsequently branched out on his own marketing and communications and an historical event organizer.

Peter was vice-chairman of the Official Nelson Commemorations Committee and played a key role in the planning and organization of the Trafalgar Festival and Sea Britain 2005. In particular he organized The Emirates Thames Nelson Flotilla (a reconstruction of Lord Nelsonís river borne funeral procession), The New Trafalgar Dispatch and The Nelson Decade Conferences, which revealed vital new insights into the conduct of Nelsonís battles; He also assisted in the international commemoration of the Battle of Copenhagen in Denmark in 2001 and co-ordinated the British participation in the international events at Santa Cruz de Tenerife in 1997, marking the 200th anniversary of Nelsonís failed attack on the town. Peter is one of the permanent crew of HMS Victoryís Cutter, barge to the flagship of the Second Sea Lord and C-in-C Naval Home Command, based in Portsmouth.

He has written articles on Nelson and naval history, and his first book Voices from the Battle of Trafalgar, published in August 2005 is republished in May 2011. Peter has given lectures at the National Maritime Museum, The Greenwich Foundation, Royal Naval Museum, Royal Institution and at many schools, colleges and universities. He lectures largely on naval (particularly Nelson) and polar subjects, and has prepared maritime history talks for Mediterranean, Caribbean and Baltic cruises. For instance, the latter includes lectures on the fall of the Romanovs, the Siege of Leningrad and the Royal Navyís role in the Baltic in 1919. He tailors his lectures to the moment and the occasion and therefore never gives the same lecture twice!

After graduating in Economics from the University of Hull, Peter spent twenty years working in the City of London. In the mid 1990s he became an independent marketing and communications consultant and was elected a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. He lives in London.