Kate Chadbourne

Kate Chadbourne holds a Ph.D. in Celtic Languages and Literatures from Harvard University where she currently teaches courses in Irish language and folklore. As a visiting scholar she has spent a year each at the University of Ulster, University College Swansea, and University College Cork. Dr. Chadbourneís research and writing focuses on Irish and Celtic life, including essays about the Celtic Otherworld, the Irish harp, the history of Irish storytelling, the fairy tradition of Donegal, and various themes in the medieval literature of Ireland and Wales. Like Cenn Faelad, a figure in early Irish literature, Kate lives at the crossroads of scholarship and art. She performs regularly as a singer, musician and storyteller, and has published two poetry chapbooks: The Harp-Boat, a collection about her father, a Maine lobsterman, and in 2011, Brigitís Woven World & other poems of Ireland.