Diane Perushek

Diane Perushek has traveled to China more than 70 times since her first visit in 1979, traveling with Smithsonian groups, purchasing books and other documents for libraries in the U.S., and, most recently, as a Fulbright Senior Research Scholar for one year at Nanjing University researching how Chinese university libraries cooperate with one another. She worked as head of the East Asian libraries at Princeton and Cornell Universities, and is the current Director of Global Relations at the University of Hawai‘i whose Chinese studies programs date back to the 1920s. She earned a master’s degree in modern Chinese literature from Columbia University and did her Ph.D. work in classical Chinese literature at Princeton University. She has taught courses on the history of Chinese books and printing, and is an avid fan and preparer of Chinese cuisine. In the past year she has participated in two conferences, one in Hong Kong concerning university library consortia around the world, and one in Beijing comparing journalism in China and the U.S.