Barbara Horlbeck

Barbara Horlbeck is an adjunct professor of art history, an independent researcher, and writer, with a specialty in non-Western art. She developed and teaches innovative virtual and face-to-face college-level art history courses, including Art of the Islamic World, Arts of Asia, Medieval Arts, and Ancient Arts. Founder of Arts and Influences, she gives lectures and seminars on a wide range of art historical and cultural topics. She has been a docent at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts for fifteen years, where she leads tours for educators and specialists as well as the general public. She has traveled in more than thirty countries, including the five continents and the North Pole, from Iran to India and Russia to Pakistan and China.
Apr 22 - May 4, 2014
Mar 18 - 30, 2015
13 days
Experience the magic of Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Bali, and a three-night luxury train ride aboard the Eastern & Oriental Express
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