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At a time when quality and trust in travel is more important than ever, the Smithsonian has teamed up with Putney Student Travel to offer a wide selection of remarkable travel experiences for high school students, beginning in Summer 2021. With destinations ranging from Washington, D.C. to other U.S. and international locations, these immersive programs provide opportunities for students to explore an interest along-side a community of peers, get inspired by unique experiences, and gain the tools necessary to help impact our future.

Informed by Smithsonian’s vast knowledge and resources built over 175 years, along with Putney’s decades of experience in supporting young travelers and delivering high quality and transformative travel experiences, Smithsonian Student Travel programs are crafted around themes that are perfect for students curious to explore a new interest, or to dig deeper into one that is already a passion. Each focus on a unique and relevant topic, ranging from art and culture to technology, conservation, and science, and each offer access to the people, places, and facilities that make up the Smithsonian, from the exhibits and artifacts of its museums to the local experts and researchers at locations around the world.

Two types of summer programs are available: Smithsonian On Campus and Smithsonian Student Journeys. On Campus programs are one-week programs based in Washington, D.C. that focus on specific themes, including Air and Space, Democracy and Media, Social Justice and Race, Technology and Innovation, Wildlife and Conservation, and more. And Student Journeys take students to destinations in the U.S. and around the world, and offer a deeper understanding of the history, culture, cuisine, language, and environment of the destination.

Explore the Past. Experience the Present. Shape the Future.

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