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A Q&A with Expert Patty Hostiuck

By | April 6, 2014

A: There’s no end to what you can learn about a destination, so repeating one gives me the opportunity to continue developing my knowledge. For example, I have the freedom to spend more time learning about both the history and culture of a destination, which is of deep interest to me and of benefit to my guests. In addition, every destination changes with the times and seasons, which is fascinating to witness over many years. Finally, each new Smithsonian Journeys group brings new questions, viewpoints, and interests—so no two trips are ever alike. 

Q: In general, do you find Smithsonian groups to be different from other groups that you lead throughout the year?

A: Yes, I find Smithsonian groups to be the most inquisitive—deeply curious about each destination and eager to learn everything about it. They are generally very well-read and often widely-traveled and, due to their varied backgrounds, I always learn something new. I find they are excellent travel companions who take the inevitable minor inconveniences in stride, often with a healthy dose of humor. It has been my pleasure to travel again and again with a number of Smithsonian guests, building on our previous relationships. 


Patty Hostiuck

A popular and respected naturalist, Patty Hostiuck is well-versed in tropical as well as polar ecosystems. She began her career in Alaska as a ranger; since then she has worked as a freelance naturalist and lecturer on numerous expedition ships. Patty, who has led over 50 trips with Smithsonian Journeys, has guided travelers to the Amazon and Orinoco Rivers, Chile, Costa Rica, Belize, the Galápagos, Iceland, Botswana, Australia and Borneo, among many other destinations.

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