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Ronald Wixman

photo of Ronald Wixman

Throughout Ron Wixman's education he specialized in the peoples, cultures, and nationality issues in the Balkans and the former USSR. As a professor at the University of Oregon he taught courses on these issues and became a founder and participant in the Russian and East European Studies program at the university. In addition to having done research in the area on folklore, history and politics in the Balkans itself he became a renowned specialist on the geopolitics of both the Balkans and the USSR. He served as a consultant on ethnic and nationality issues in these regions for the CIA, the U.S. State Department, the Pentagon, and a number of other governments, including the Academy of Sciences- Institute of Ethnography of the USSR in Moscow, the Institute of Ethnography of China in Kunming, the immigration courts in Canada and the U.S. dealing with refugee issues, and many others.

What Our Travelers Say

Ron was fabulous. He was a walking encyclopedia geographically and historically. His connection with everyone was amazing.

- Previous Smithsonian Journeys Traveler

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