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Jamie Walton

photo of Jamie Walton

A deep love of wildlife and ecological relationships has inspired Jamie Walton’s development as a natural history field guide. Formally educated at the University of Wyoming, where he studied Biology and Education, Jamie was an instructor and the ranch manager at the Audubon Ecology Workshop in the Rockies for a decade, and followed that as a manager for the Jackson, Wyoming-based Wildlife Expeditions, a natural history tour program for Grand Teton and Yellowstone national parks. Jamie has since migrated to Bozeman, Montana where he lives with his wife, Patty. In addition to leading tours for conservation and education groups, including Smithsonian Natural Resource Defense Council, National Audubon Society, National Parks Conservation Association, and Greater Yellowstone Coalition, Jamie does wildlife research for the non-profit organizations Wild Things Unlimited, The Wolf Project, and Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation as well as working full time as a paramedic. And, in addition to being a wonderful guide, Jamie is a fine outdoorsman, bicyclist, and skier.