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One feature that makes our programs uniquely special is our world-class Smithsonian Journeys Experts. Chosen for their charisma, expertise and affability, these men and women are the secret ingredient that turns a fine tour into an unforgettable experience. Other tour companies can take you to the most splendid sites, but in the hands of our experts, your journey will take on new meaning. Our Smithsonian Journeys Experts have dedicated entire careers to pursuing personal and professional passions. Their enthusiasm is contagious; their expert guidance consistently brings depth, excitement and substance to the travelers who join them on our tours — and that is the signature of Smithsonian Journeys. We're proud to introduce you to our stars.

To be considered as a Smithsonian Journeys Expert, submit your resume and cover letter with areas of expertise to, attn: Gloria Baxevanis.

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Jim Zimbelman

Join Jim Zimbelman on the Smithsonian Associates program – Niagara Falls Dr. Jim Zimbelm...

Nina Zitani

Dr. Nina Zitani bonded with nature as a young child growing up in a small historic New Jersey tow...

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