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Photo: Keukenhof Tulips in Spring

Keukenhof is the world's largest flower garden, located in Lisse, Netherlands.
Tulip, Keukenhof Garden. Photo: Leah Ibraheem
If only our own kitchen gardens looked like this!

The Keukenhof (Dutch for "Kitchen Garden"), located in Lisse, Netherlands, is the world's largest flower garden. First established in 1949 as a national floral exhibition, the park has evolved into a massive display more than 7 million blooms -  huge showcase of Holland's famous tulips. 

In the past 60 years, Keukenhof has hosted more than 44 million visitors, and is one of the  most photographed places in the world. Each year, the garden has a theme - the 2010 theme was Russia, with gardens honoring Russia's folkloric traditions and native plants. For 2011, Keukenhof will be honoring Germany.

Keukenhof is only open from the last week in March to the first week in May, when the flowers are at their peak. Tulips are best viewed in April, when we'll be there.

What's your favorite thing about gardening? Please share.

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