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New Year’s Travel Resolutions

Where do you want to go in 2010? Here are some of our top 2010 picks...

Relaxing in Japan - with tranquil gardens, quiet temples, and the enlightening possibilities of tea.

Tackling the Amazon - for river dolphins, scarlet macaws, and really poisonous frogs.

Gorilla Trekking in Uganda and Rwanda -  one of life's incomprable adventures.

Cruising in Alaska - for kayaking around icebergs, checking out the humpback whales, and sailing Glacier Bay.

Stargazing in Hawaii - for a possible glimpse of the newly discovered super-Earth, and for the search for the real Pandora.

Wherever the new year may take you, we wish you all the best in 2010. Thanks for reading our blog, and for sharing your stories with us!