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Travel Hit List: Mongolia

Sunrise over a Mongolian ger camp. Photo: David Chang

Sunrise over a Mongolian ger camp. Photo: David Chang

Mongolia is one of the world's last untamed frontiers…. The nomadic culture, wild horses, and desert scenery are just the beginning of what's on offer there for adventurous travelers.

Read: about renewed interest in Khara Khorum, the first capital of the Khan empire.

Hear: music from across the Silk Road.

Watch: what the Smithsonian is doing to preserve Przewalski Horses, a 250,000 year-old species native to Mongolia, but now extinct in the wild.

Eat and Drink: curds, lamb, and Sueeti Tsai (sweet tea).

Check out: an update on some fascinating anthropological work in Mongolia as Smithsonian scientists excavate Bronze Age burial mounds.

Go: Now is a great time to book a journey to Mongolia.

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