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Travel Hit List: Greece

We can't wait to go back to Greece to sample the region's famous ancient sites, tasty food, and lively music. We're sure you'll enjoy this incredible destination as much as we do! Scroll down to learn more.

Read: How archeologist-turned-forensic-architects have unlocked Greek construction techniques in their quest to restore the Parthenon.

Listen: Traditional Greek ballads, sung by Jimmy Lindaros.

Watch: What the oldest, best preserved Greek tomb paintings have to teach us about this ancient culture’s beliefs in terms of the afterlife.

Eat and Drink: Enjoy Smithsonian Journeys program manager Gloria Baxevanis’ account of a lovely meal in a small Greek café.

Check out: Coinage from Corinth, one of the largest cities in Ancient Greece, courtesy of the folks in the numismatics department at the Smithsonian Museum of American History.

Travel: Now is a great time to book a journey to Greece.

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