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Tropical Adventures - Words, Pictures, and Videos from our Travelers

We are grateful that our Smithsonian travelers are so often eager to share their thoughts about their tour experiences with us.

This week, long-time and first-time travelers tell us what they love about exploring some of the world's most pristine habitats.

"Things learned and liked best: The incredible size and diversity of the Amazon basin - its flora and fauna, bio-diversity, people were eye opening. Truly one of the earth's lungs! Daily excursions were very knowledgeable naturalists who went out of their way to show us all what the Amazon was all about. Village and home visits to acquaint us with the Riberonos' daily lives."

-Bill and Mary McNamara, Amazon River Journey

Leaf Cutter Ants in Costa Rica. Photo: Jim Urmston

Keep reading for an amazing zip-line-view video...

"The whole experience was well beyond expectation. The animals and landscape seen were beyond belief. The presentations by the study leader were excellent. The Galapagos tour is a must for anyone with an interest in evolution."

-Glenn Hodges, Explore the Galapagos

Thanks also to Werner Schaer for lending our Costa Rican guide his video camera for this amazing zip-line video!

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