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Colorful People of Peru and Ecuador

By | October 27, 2014
Folk music festival, Cusco, Peru (R. Szaro)

You are captivated by the mix of gleaming towers and colonial architecture in Lima and Quito, enjoy the towns of Chinchero, Cusco, Ollantaytambo, and Cusco and marvel at the Inca sites.  From festivals and concerts celebrating long held traditions.  Traveling here is a cornucopia of visual delights.

Baking Empanadas, Pisac, Peru. (R. Szaro)
Colorful costumes, Pisac, Peru (R. Szaro)
Ollantaytambo, Peru (R. Szaro)
Chinchero, Peru (R. Szaro)
Weaving Demonstration, Chinchero, Peru (R. Szaro)
Weaving Demonstration, Chinchero, Peru (R. Szaro)
Ceviche Lesson, Quito, Ecuador (R. Szaro)
Scarf Seller (R. Szaro)

Ecuador Peru

Bob Szaro

Bob Szaro grew up fascinated by nature and started bird-watching while in grade school. His love of birds has led to travels and research around the world including many trips to Central and South America. His passion for different cultures, natural history and photography has led to his exploring the variety of landscapes found in Costa Rica starting in 1982 from the cloud forests of Monteverde to the dry forests of Guanacaste. Bob retired in 2008 as Chief Scientist for Biology for the US Geological Survey in Reston, Virginia. Bob received a Dual Bachelors Degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Biology from Texas A&M University (1970), a Masters Degree in Zoology from the University of Florida (1972), and a Doctoral Degree in Ecology from Northern Arizona University (1976). He also completed the Senior Executive Fellows program at Harvard University (1993). Bob currently serves as a consultant to the Smithsonian Institution on biodiversity, climate change, and tiger conservation.

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