45 Years in Travel

                      Smithsonian Journeys travelers at Cannes Film Festival 

                      Smithsonian Journeys Legendary Peru travelers at Machu Picchu 

                      Smithsonian travelers in the Baltics. Credit: Glenn Kranking 

                      Smithsonian travelers in Bangkok 

                      Smithsonian Journeys travelers observing Alaska's stunning scenery 

                      Smithsonian travelers on a hike in Europe 

                      Smithsonian travelers on our Old World Europe trip 

                      Smithsonian travelers in the Caribbean. Credit: Lindsay Senior 

                      Smithsonian group at Potala Palace, Tibet. Credit: Ingrid Larsen 

                      Smithsonian travelers in Fiordland National Park on New Zealand's South Island. Credit Ed Kanze 

                      Smithsonian Around the World by Private Jet traveler in India. Credit: Dr. Richard Kurin 

                      Smithsonian travelers in Antarctica. Credit: Jim Zimbelman 

                      Smithsonian travelers on Easter Island. Credit: Patrick Wagner 

                      Smithsonian travelers in Death Valley 

                      Smithsonian travelers in Peru. Credit: Jeff Cole 

                      Smithsonian travelers at the Taj Mahal, India 

                      Smithsonian travelers at Eilean Donnain. Credit: Katherine Forsyth 

                      Smithsonian Journeys Patagonian Explorer travelers in Torres del Paine National Park


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Smithsonian Journeys marked its 45th anniversary in 2015! We, along with our travelers, continue to be inspired by the Smithsonian’s mission of “the increase and diffusion of knowledge.” This dedication to lifelong learning and passion for exploring the world drives us to develop authentic and exceptional cultural experiences.

Since 1970, our collection of diverse tours and cruises has grown to more than 350 annual departures on all seven continents. From a river cruise and train program through western Europe to watching the Great Migration on the Serengeti … from traveling to the Galapagos with your family to seeing the spectacular solar eclipse near Grand Teton National Park ... Smithsonian Journeys is an enduring and proven leader in cultural and enrichment travel.

It is through our knowledgeable and charismatic Smithsonian Journeys Experts, our dedicated tour staff, and carefully selected travel partners, who combine their expertise, unflagging care, and detailed planning skills, that we are able to create such exceptional travel experiences and memories to last a lifetime. We look forward to the years ahead and thank you for being part of our journey!