The Trans-Siberian Express

Experience a journey of a lifetime as you travel by rail across nearly 5,000 miles and pass through six time zones to experience ever-changing landscapes and the fascinating cultures between Beijing and Moscow.

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 Ulaanbaatar prayer wheels  St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow  A panoramic view of the Forbidden City  Statue to the workers in Tiananmen Square  Traveling along Lake Baikal  Mongolian nomad on the steppes  Naadam Festival wrestlers  Naadam Festival archer  National Horse Guard in ceremonial dress, Naadam Festival  The <i>Tsar's Gold</i> private train  Afternoon tea aboard the <i>Tsar’s Gold</i>  Close-up of Annunciation Cathedral in Kazan Kremlin  The Kazan Kremlin, featuring churches and mosque  View of Moscow's Kremlin  Main street in Ulan Ude  Traditional and modern architecture of Yekaterinburg  Village along Lake Baikal

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This was a wonderful trip. I thoroughly benefited from my time with Smithsonian.  An added bonus is that so many people on the tour are knowledgeable that we learn from each other. 

Barbara H.

All in all this was an outstanding adventure—unique background information, excellent city guides, and also all the attention to detail and safety was greatly appreciated.  Would urge anyone to take this Journey and experience the vastness of Russia. 

Pat R.

I really enjoyed this trip and will recommend it to my friends.  The was just ‘as advertised,’ the voyage of a lifetime by private train.  A unique experience with the most professional and personable staff.

Ken T.


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The Trans-Siberian Express

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