Kimberley Expedition with the Spice Islands

Experience the rich natural wonders of northwestern Australia as you snorkel in Rowley Shoals and witness one of the world's largest migrations of humpback whales, then cruise to the Spice Islands, known for its famous Komodo dragons.

Starting at: $11,490 Make a Reservation Ask Us A Question or Call 855-330-1542
 Indian Head, also known as Fraser Island. Credit: Bob Fowler  Naturalists Island  Snorkeling off Alor Island. Credit: Nick Rains  Scuba diving in Kimberley  Talbot Bay  Explore Kimberley in a Zodiac. Credit: Darrin Bennett  Travelers discover a crocodile sunning itself on a rock. Credit: Darrin Bennett  Brown Boobie in flight. Credit: Nick Rains  Humpback whale breaching   Kimberley crocodile. Credit: Darrin Bennett  A Komodo dragon spotted on Komodo Island  Mitchell Falls. Credit: Bob Fowler  King George Falls  Boab tree in Kimberley. Credit: Tourism Western Australia  Two women in Pamalang Village in Indonesia. Credit: Nick Rains  Tour group exploring Raft Point. Credit: Nick Rains  Aboriginal art at Raft Point


National Geographic Orion

The five-star National Geographic Orion offers 53 spacious staterooms for 102 guests.

PUBLIC AREAS: Outdoor cafe, lounge & cocktail bar perfect for briefings and entertainment, restaurant, sun deck, reception desk, state-of-the-art lecture theater, library, global gallery, marina platform, and mud room.

CABINS: All cabins offer ocean views, private facilities, and climate controls.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Laundry, a full-time doctor, video chronicler, undersea specialist/ divemaster, LEX-NG certified photo instructor, National Geographic photographer, and a Global Perspectives guest speaker on select voyages.

WELLNESS: Spa features a unisex dry sauna, fitness center with LifeFitness equipment, and massage/spa treatment rooms. Also a whirlpool hot tub is available on the Observation Deck - in warmer temperatures it doubles as plunge pool.