Kimberley Expedition with the Spice Islands

Experience the rich natural wonders of northwestern Australia as you snorkel in Rowley Shoals and witness one of the world's largest migrations of humpback whales, then cruise to the Spice Islands, known for its famous Komodo dragons.

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 Indian Head, also known as Fraser Island. Credit: Bob Fowler  Naturalists Island  Snorkeling off Alor Island. Credit: Nick Rains  Scuba diving in Kimberley  Talbot Bay  Explore Kimberley in a Zodiac. Credit: Darrin Bennett  Travelers discover a crocodile sunning itself on a rock. Credit: Darrin Bennett  Brown Boobie in flight. Credit: Nick Rains  Humpback whale breaching   Kimberley crocodile. Credit: Darrin Bennett  A Komodo dragon spotted on Komodo Island  Mitchell Falls. Credit: Bob Fowler  King George Falls  Boab tree in Kimberley. Credit: Tourism Western Australia  Two women in Pamalang Village in Indonesia. Credit: Nick Rains  Tour group exploring Raft Point. Credit: Nick Rains  Aboriginal art at Raft Point


Peter Hillary

Peter Hillary

Aug 8 - 24, 2014

Peter is the son of Sir Edmund Hillary, the first man to summit Mount Everest along with Tenzing Norgay. Peter has climbed the highest mountain on every continent, including Mount Everest five times on different routes.


Peter has traveled extensively in Australia. He has climbed and skied in the Snowy Mountains, skied off Mount Kosciusko numerous times, filmed shark frenzies in the Coral Sea off the Great Barrier Reef, rode a motorbike 9,000 miles around the perimeter of the continent, and sailed out into the Cambridge Gulf from Port Wyndham on an old Pearl Lugger. In Indonesia he climbed Carstenz Pyramid in Irian Jaya, which is the highest mountain in Oceania.


He has been on over 40 mountaineering expeditions, including one where he was the sole survivor of a storm that claimed seven other climbers at over 26,000 feet on K2, the world’s second highest mountain. Peter established a new overland route to the South Pole in 1999, and in 1986 he accompanied his father with Neil Armstrong and Stephen Fossett on an expedition to fly small aircraft to the North Pole. In 2002 Peter climbed Mount Everest again in celebration of his father’s historic ascent with Tenzing Norgay. The expedition is the subject of the National Geographic documentary "Everest: 50 Years on the Mountain."


Sir Edmund Hillary dedicated much of his life to building and running 42 schools, hospitals, forestry and environmental programs in the Himalayas of Nepal, one of the world’s poorest countries. Today there are Himalayan Foundations in six countries including the Himalayan Trust, the Australian Himalayan Foundation, and the American Himalayan Foundation, which support this work, and Peter Hillary is a board member, fundraiser, and regular Nepal visitor to continue this commitment to assist the people of the Himalayas.