Southern Italy & Sicily

Savor the highlights of Sicily then travel to the “boot heel” of Apulia and the breathtaking Amalfi Coast—where each region reflects a unique history, architecture, and cuisine.

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 Mediterranean garden along the Amalfi Coast  The beautiful Amalfi coastline  Town situated along Italy's renowned Amalfi Coast  Villages cling to the hillsides of the Amalfi Coast  Square in Capri, known as a resort town since the Roman era  Colorful boats in Capri's harbor  Capri Island  "Beware of Dog" floor mosaic at a house in Pompeii  Painted wall found in Pompeii  Shop with counter and display area along a street in Pompeii  Artifacts found in Pompeii  Detail of a painted wall in a house in Pompeii  Vessels and artifacts found in Pompeii  Typical street in Pompeii  Remarkable Pompeii, with Mount Vesuvius in the background  The Greek theater of Taormina with Mt. Etna in the distance, Sicily  The "White Town" of Ostuni  <i>Trulli</i> houses of Alberobello  The typical <i>barocco leccese</i> of Lecce's Santa Croce  Detail of the ornate sandstone carving of Lecce's <i>barocco leccese</i> style  A main square in Taormina  The Greek theater of Taormina with Mt. Etna in the distance

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We loved it!! We saw things we would never have been able to see on our own. Thank you for providing us with one of our most delightful and memorable journeys.

Katherine M.


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