Inside the Russian Space Program

Our behind-the-scenes exploration of the Russian space program features a VIP viewing of the manned launch of a Soyuz spacecraft.

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 Russian cosmonauts  Moscow's Red Square, a World Heritage site  St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow  The raising of the rocket ceremony  Preparing for the launch of a Soyuz rocket  A Soyuz rocket in flight  Spectators at a launch  Smithsonian Journeys travelers at launch site  A Russian cosmonaut waves to onlookers  The ISS Crew Press Conference at the Cosmonaut Hotel  Cold War Museum Bunker, Moscow  Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center, Star City

Optional Cosmonaut Training
Optional Cosmonaut Training activities are offered. They require staying over in Moscow for 1 or 2 nights extra. The two options are as follows:

Our one-night, one extra day extension tour price includes: 1 night accommodations at Hotel Marriott Royal Aurora or similar, 1 breakfast, 1 lunch, and transfer to the airport for departure.
* $555 per person based on single accommodations

The two-night, two-day extension tour price includes: 2 nights accommodations at Hotel Marriott Royal Aurora or similar, 2 breakfasts, 1 lunch and transfer to the airport for departure.
* $995 per person based on single accommodations

Zero-Gravity Flight
Take the ride of your life on a parabolic zero-G simulation flight. Float, soar, cartwheel and hang weightless in the padded cabin of an Ilyushin-76 military transport aircraft as crew members stand by to assist. One of the most exciting and enjoyable of the cosmonaut training exercises, the zero-G flight puts a huge smile on the faces of everyone involved.

• Includes medical exam and pre-flight briefing
• Roundtrip transfers to the flight
• Pre-flight expert instructions and in-flight instruction
• Zero-gravity flight in IL-76 MDK with 10 parabolic curves, 25 to 30 seconds each
• Special certificate upon completion

$8,995 per person

Price is based on a minimum of 8 or more paying passengers’ participation.

Centrifuge 4-G Training
Experience up to 4 Gs on a familiarization ride on the CF-18 centrifuge. Simply put, the centrifuge is a long arm with a capsule on one end where the cosmonaut trainee sits. Used for checking and improving cosmonauts’ G-load tolerance, the CF-18 can be described as a gigantic amusement park ride.

• Includes medical exam
• Roundtrip transfers to Star City
• Training and supervision of the complete process
• CF-18 centrifuge for approximately 3 minutes, up to 4 Gs
• Special certificate upon completion

$1,850 per person

(Medical exam at GCTC is required.)

Orlan EVA Space Suit Simulator
Don a Russian-engineered Orlan space suit, created especially for spacewalks. These are the suits used by cosmonauts when they leave the International Space Station to perform experiments or routine maintenance. The Orlan DMA has a rigid torso and flexible arms and is entered by a rear hatch in its backpack. Since it is designed for use in zero gravity, it is extremely heavy, so during cosmonaut training, the suit is suspended from a boom to simulate zero gravity. You will go through an actual training session that the current cosmonauts and astronauts perform. Learn to open and close hatches and complete a series of operations designed to simulate typical space tasks. The training will include explanations and preparations, donning an Orlan space suit, performing various tasks and maneuvers, and a post-training discussion.

• Includes medical examination
• Roundtrip transfers to Star City
• Instruction on safety measures
• Orlan space-suit fitting
• Space-walk training about 1 hour
• Training debriefing
• Lunch at Star City
• Special certificate upon completion

$2,895 per person

(Two people may participate in the training at the same time. Medical exam at GCTC is required.)

MiG-29 Jet Fighter Flights
Enjoy high altitude aerobatics on a flight duration of 20 to 25 minutes.

$17,500 per person (photo & video of the flight $800)