Inside the Russian Space Program

Our behind-the-scenes exploration of the Russian space program features a VIP viewing of the manned launch of a Soyuz spacecraft.

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 Russian cosmonauts  Moscow's Red Square, a World Heritage site  St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow  The raising of the rocket ceremony  Preparing for the launch of a Soyuz rocket  A Soyuz rocket in flight  Spectators at a launch  Smithsonian Journeys travelers at launch site  A Russian cosmonaut waves to onlookers  The ISS Crew Press Conference at the Cosmonaut Hotel  Cold War Museum Bunker, Moscow  Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center, Star City


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Hotel Sputnik

Baikonur, Russian Federation

The Sputnik is a four-star hotel built in 1999.  Services include a pool, sauna, TV, air conditioning and minibar.

Number of nights: 1

Centralnaya Hotel

Baikonur, Kazakhstan

Located in the center of Baikonur near shops and cafes, the three star Centralnaya features a restaurant and bar, fitness center and sauna. Rooms include cable TV, minifridge, and Internet access.

Number of nights: 1