In the Wake of Lewis & Clark

Enjoy autumn colors and clear blue skies as you trace the route of Lewis and Clark, exploring one of America's great waterways along the Columbia and Snake Rivers.

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 Mount Hood, Oregon. Credit: Brandon Yoshizawa  Multnomah Falls in the Columbia River Gorge  Columbia River Gorge Credit: Marc Cappelletti  Columbia River Gorge Credit: Ralph Lee Hopkins  The Palouse River  Kayakers on the Columbia River Credit: Ralph Lee Hopkins  The Palouse River. Credit: Jason Hatfield.  Travelers observing wildlife Credit: Stewart Cohen  Pictograph  Bonneville Dam Credit: Ralph Lee Hopkins  Sacagawea statue at Fort Clatsop Credit: Marc Cappelletti  Fort Clatsop National Memorial in Oregon Credit: Marc Cappelletti  Fort Clatsop Credit: Ralph Lee Hopkins

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I enjoyed our expedition landing craft tour of Palouse Falls. Great small ship. Wonderful food! My 6th Smithsonian trip!

Gail A.


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