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Paolo Grassini
Mar 7 - 28, 2015; Oct 3 - 24, 2015
Paolo Grassini, a native Senese, earned a B.A. in History and Film Critique and an M.A. in Language and Communication from the University of Florence. He also holds a PhD awarded by the Department of History of Performing and Fine Arts at the University of Florence. Paolo’s research interests include topics such as: Federico Fellini, the origins of Italian film criticism from 1907-1920 and Italian Cinematography. In addition, he also taught Italian Language to members of the diplomatic corps of the U.S. Consulate in Florence and to college and high school students participating on various study abroad programs in Italy. Paolo continues to teach Italian culture studies and language to foreigners through the lens of fine arts in courses such as: Broadcasting, Television in Italian Culture, Introduction to Mass Communications, Introduction to Visual Semiotics and The Venice Film Festival.

Marcello Bellini
Mar 7 - 28, 2015; Oct 3 - 24, 2015
A Florentine born and bred, Marcello Bellini graduated summa cum laude from the University of Florence with a degree in international and comparative law. In addition to working as a tour guide, since the year 1970 he has taught Renaissance culture for several American university programs in Florence, including California State University and Vanderbilt University, and has had a long association with the British Institute. He is considered to be the doyen of tour guides in Florence and now instructs trainee guides. Marcello is currently working on a Renaissance History manual aimed at instructors teaching foreign students.

Suzanne Wetzel
Mar 7 - 28, 2015; Oct 3 - 24, 2015
Suzanne Wetzel received her M.A. in Food Culture and Communication from the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Parma, Italy, and her B.A. in Italian and Music from Wellesley College. She has lived in Italy since 2005, and currently teaches for the CET program in Florence and Sesto Fiorentino. She has also taught in Siena for the University of Oregon. Trying new foods is her favorite part of traveling, and she encourages students to taste everything they can during their time in Italy, from tripe to truffles.