Jewels of Indonesia

Experience the rich cultures, stunning scenery, and fascinating wildlife of Southeast Asia, from colonial and modern Singapore and the World Heritage site of Borobudur to wild Borneo and serene Bali, on this unique cruise

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 The World Heritage <i>subak</i> or rice terraces in Bali  The white-sand beaches of Bali  An iguana in Indonesia  Fascinating Borobudur, featuring 92 Buddha statues and more than 1,400 stone panels


Toni Tack

Toni Tack

Jan 18 - Feb 9, 2015

Toni Tack is an archaeologist and art historian specializing in Southeast Asia who has lived and worked in Indonesia for more than 20 years. Toni studied at the Sorbonne University Paris and received her degree in art history and archaeology of Southeast Asia with a specialty in Indonesian studies from the University of Amsterdam. She has served as a consultant on documentaries about Indonesia produced by the BBC and The Discovery Channel. Toni worked as a consultant for various Indonesian governmental institutions as well as with UNESCO Indonesia on projects to safeguard the Borobudur Monument. Having traveled over virtually the entire Indonesian archipelago, she has in-depth knowledge of this part of the world. On tour, she will introduce you to her broad network of friends and colleagues—professors, politicians, businesspeople, musicians, spiritual leaders, and artists.