Skogafoss Waterfall iceland
Skogafoss Waterfall

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Kirt Kempter
Jun 21 - Jul 1, 2014; Aug 15 - 25, 2015
Kirt Kempter is a Fulbright Fellow and Ph.D. graduate from the University of Texas at Austin, where he conducted his dissertation research on Rincón de la Vieja volcano in Costa Rica. For the past 11 years Kirt has worked for the New Mexico STATEMAP program, studying the geologic history of northern New Mexico. Kirt is also an instructor for the NASA astronaut training program, teaching NASA’s 2009 astronaut candidates geologic mapping techniques in northern New Mexico. Since 1993 Kirt has led numerous educational tours for the Smithsonian Institution, from Iceland to Antarctica.

Brent Garry
Jul 12 - 22, 2014
Brent Garry is a geologist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center where he studies lava flows and volcanoes on Earth and compares them to similar features on the Moon and Mars. He earned degrees in geology from The College of William and Mary (B.S.), the University of Kentucky (M.S.), and the University at Buffalo (Ph.D.). He then held a postdoctoral fellowship at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum from 2006-2010, after which he worked at the Planetary Science Institute for two years, and then moved to NASA. From 2008-2011, as a member of NASA’s Desert RATS team, Brent lived in prototype space vehicles for up to two weeks at a time during simulated missions to the lunar surface and asteroids. Brent has conducted field work in Iceland, Hawaii, New Mexico, Idaho, Oregon, and Belize; served as editor for the GSA special volume “Analogs for Planetary Exploration;” and was selected as a Participating Scientist on NASA’s Dawn and Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) missions. Outside the office, Brent enjoys running and scuba diving.

Jim Reynolds
Jul 19 - 29, 2014; Jun 20 - 30, 2015
Jim Reynolds is Professor of Geology at Brevard College, teaching all Geology courses and a section of Introductory Environmental Science. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Earth Science (1975) and Master’s degree in Volcanology (1977) from Dartmouth College and then worked in the minerals and energy industries, government, and academia for six years before returning to Dartmouth for a Ph.D. (Andean tectonics, 1987). Since 1984, his research has focused on the uplift of the Andes in Argentina, Chile, and Bolivia and the geology of the Caribbean Plate. Reynolds was awarded two Fulbright Scholarships to teach at Argentine universities (1989 and 2007). In 2006 he was inducted into the fellowship of the Geological Society of America. Jim has led international geological field trips since 1996. He made his first trip to Iceland in 1996 with a student group from the Netherlands. Since then, he has returned four times, leading student groups for the Geological Society of America and for Brevard College. Jim is an ardent environmentalist and a strong advocate for environmental issues. As a field-oriented scientist and educator, Jim is very enthusiastic to provide outdoor and hands-on learning experiences.

Patricia Hostiuck
Sep 9 - 19, 2014
A popular and respected naturalist, Patty Hostiuck is well-versed in tropical as well as polar ecosystems. Patty leads trips to the Amazon and Orinoco Rivers, Peru, Chile, Costa Rica, Panama, Belize, Honduras, the Caribbean, and Baja California, as well as Australia, and Borneo. Patty’s high-latitude work has taken her to every northerly nation from the Canadian High Arctic, Greenland, and Iceland to Svalbard, Norway, and Russia. Over 20 trips to Antarctica, Tierra del Fuego, and Patagonia make for a nearly pole-to-pole career!

Patty has led over 50 trips with Smithsonian Journeys. Fun to travel with, she has shared her expertise in mammals, birds, insects, and plants aboard ships and on the trail with thousands of fellow explorers in dozens of remote areas.

Scott Burns
Jul 11 - 21, 2015
Scott Burns is a Professor Emeritus of Geology and Past-Chair of the Dept. of Geology at Portland State University where he just completed his 24th year of teaching. He was also Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at P.S.U. from 1997-1999. Scott has been teaching for 44 years, with past positions in Switzerland, New Zealand, Washington, Colorado and Louisiana. Dr. Burns specializes in environmental and engineering geology, geomorphology, soils, and Quaternary geology. Scott has won many awards for outstanding teaching, the most significant being the Faculty Senate Chair Award at Louisiana Tech University in 1987, the Distinguished Faculty Award from the Portland State Alumni Association in 2001, and the George Hoffmann Award from PSU in 2007. Based on his national leadership performance Scott was chosen a fellow of the Geological Society of America (2004) and a fellow with the Kellogg National Fellowship Program (1990 – 1993). He was president of the Downtown Rotary Club of Portland, Oregon’s oldest and largest Rotary club in 2009. Scott is a 6th generation Oregonian who grew up in Beaverton and is very happy to be "home" after a 25 year hiatus! He actively helps local TV, radio stations and newspapers bring important geological news to the public. Scott enjoys all sports, especially basketball, running, skiing, hiking, swimming, tennis, and golf.

Peter Bobrowsky
Jul 25 - Aug 4, 2015
Peter Bobrowsky is an archaeologist and geologist who has spent the past 30 years doing field work in North America, South American, Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East. An internationally recognized engineering geologist and an authority on natural hazards he obtained his PhD in geology at the University of Alberta. Currently an Adjunct Full Professor at Simon Fraser University he is the recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal. During his career he has authored over 300 scientific publications including the 2013 release of the Encyclopedia of Natural Hazards. A veteran of television, radio and the print media in the past decade he has been a study leader on numerous trips across the globe. Known for his scholarly insights, enthusiastic and easy going speaking style, he will bring to life the crucial link between landscapes and society.