Exploring Glacier and Waterton National Parks

Enjoy views of snowcapped mountain peaks, lush alpine meadows, and spectacular glacier-fed lakes during hikes and walks in Montana's Glacier National Park and Alberta's Waterton Lakes National Park.

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 Vivid sunset over Glacier National Park. Credit: Tom Crouse  Glacier National Park.  Credit: Ryan Grayson  Waterton Village  Many Glacier at Glacier National Park  Black bear in the wild   Bald Eagle in flight


Steve Gehman

Steve Gehman

Aug 26 - Sep 1, 2014

Steve Gehman completed an M.S. degree in Wildlife Science at Oregon State University in 1983 and has pursued a career that involves both intensive study of wildlife, and efforts to help others expand their understanding and appreciation of wild animals and wild places. Steve began working as a naturalist guide in 1987, and has worked as an instructor for the Yosemite Institute, Audubon Society, and the Wildlands Studies Program of San Francisco State University. His involvement in wildlife research projects has included studies of grizzly bears and elk in the Northern Rockies, tundra birds, wolves, bears, muskoxen, and caribou on the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and brown bears on Kodiak Island. Steve co-founded and runs a non-profit organization, Wild Things Unlimited.