Wonders of the Galápagos Islands: A Voyage of Discovery

Sail aboard the M.V. Santa Cruz and discover every nature lover's dream come to life on the Galápagos Islands.

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 Seals cavorting in the ocean  Green sea turtle in the Galápagos  Travelers snapping a photo of seals   Swallow-tailed Gull  Two Nazca Boobies  Galápagos giant tortoise  Cathedral of Quito  Weaving is a time-honored tradition in Peru  Machu Picchu


M.V. Santa Cruz II

Built exclusively for operation among the Galápagos Islands, the first-class Santa Cruz II carries a maximum of 90 passengers in comfortable, air-conditioned outside cabins with lower berths, private showers, and toilets. Each cabin has limited storage in small closets and in large compartments beneath the beds. The ship’s facilities include sun decks, lounge, large dining room that accommodates all passengers in a single seating, reading room, observation decks, and tenders for landing small groups on the islands. The ship is equipped with swimming masks, snorkels, and fins for passenger use. Master suites, junior suites, single, double, triple, and quad accommodations are available.