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The beautiful Turquoise Coast of Turkey, dotted with traditional gulet boats

Wonders of Turkey: A Family Adventure

Enjoy family fun on this unique learning adventure featuring Istanbul, Cappadocia and the Turquoise Coast
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Child Starting at $6,890
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Turkish Gulet
Jun 7 - 21, 2014; Jul 5 - 19, 2014; Jun 27 - Jul 11, 2015; Jul 25 - Aug 8, 2015

A beautifully crafted motorized sailing vessel built of teak wood with a pointed fore and round aft, a private gulet yacht is the most authentic and relaxing way to cruise the Turquoise Coast. A large foredeck gives everyone ample space to sit and watch the Mediterranean coastline; in the evening, you may choose to stay up here and sleep under the stars. Dinner each evening is outside on deck under cover, as the shipís cook prepares meals praised for their quality and freshness. All guests stay in small private cabins, each equipped with a shower and toilet. On board, youíll also find swimming and snorkeling equipment, perfect for late afternoon dips after youíve anchored for the day.

Since space is limited about our gulet yachts, suitcases must be placed under beds or in irregular spaces. It would be very helpful if your luggage is flexible (duffel bag variety) rather than hard-sided. Electricity on board is provided by a generator and thus the amount of hot water may be limited during busy periods (especially in the morning).

Please note that, while the gulets are built to reflect the design of traditional Turkish fishermenís sailing vessels, their primary means of movement is by motor. The actual amount of time spent under sail may be very limited and is often based on local weather conditions and the captainís discretion.
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