Journey to the Lands of Gods & Heroes

Watch history come alive for the entire family as you visit some of the most important sites in Greek mythology and experience the splendor of Venice on this unique family cruise.

Adult starting at: $7,395
Child starting at: $6,595
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 Caryatid sculpture at the Erechteion, the Acropolis, Athens  Imbros Gorge  Olympia, Greece  Pompeii  The Palace of Knossos on the island of Crete, Greece. Credit: Gloria Baxevanis  Create lasting family memories cruising the Greek Islands. Credit: Megan Pierce  The Acropolis in Athens  The whitewashed village of Phira on Santorini. Credit: Belinda Stark  Throne room in the palace of Knossos  Experience the thrill of a fun learning adventure! Credit: Megan Pierce  Library of Celsus, Ephesus. Credit: Linda Currie  The famous harbor of Rhodes

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The opportunity to travel with such ease and comfort with my daughter and granddaughter was fabulous. Being able to give them such a trip and enabling them to expand their horizons is an experience I will never forget. The memory of the trip even deepened our bond and our love of each other as well. 

Barbara H.

An excellent trip for children as well as adults- informative, extremely well-organized, a superb staff and set of tour guides, a great boat and an attentive crew - and lots of fun! 

Barry S.

This was the best planned and executed trip I have ever experienced. I saw more and learned more, while having my creature comforts well cared for, to perfection.

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Journey to the Lands of Gods & Heroes

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