Croatia's Adriatic Coast

Explore Croatia in depth from Zagreb to Dubrovnik, as you discover pristine parkland and miles of sun-drenched Adriatic coastline and experience its vibrant cultural heritage.

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 Dubrovnik, the "Pearl of the Adriatic" and World Heritage site  Diocletian's Palace in Split  Trogir, Croatia  Waterfall in Croatia's Plitvice Park  Croatia's Plitvice Lakes National Park  The Croatian National Theater in Zagreb, Croatia's capital  Dubrovnik's Old Town, with St. John fortress at the harbor entrance  Panorama of Dubrovnik's Old City defensive walls  Vineyards on the southern coast of Hvar Island  The captivating setting of Hvar

Situated on the pristine Dalmatian coast—at the crossroads of the Mediterranean, Central Europe, and the Balkans—Croatia offers a remarkable history and dramatic landscapes. Join us to experience a vibrant cultural heritage featuring historic cities, lush parkland, and miles of sun-drenched pristine coastline.

In Zagreb, Croatia’s capital, explore the historic Upper Town and see the detailed Art Nouveau architecture that is a legacy of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Travel to the lush forests of Plitvice Lakes National Park to enjoy the crystal blue lakes and cascading waterfalls. Discover the seaside town of Trogir, then cruise across the bay to Split, home of Diocletian’s Palace, the preeminent Roman monument on the Adriatic coast and a World Heritage site. Within the 13th-century walls of Hvar, explore richly ornamented Gothic palaces, the Renaissance-era Cathedral of St. Stephen, and the Arsenal, where imposing war galleons were once repaired. You’ll also delve into the rich local epicurean culture focusing on the island’s wine production, which is drawing international attention. Our journey concludes in beloved Dubrovnik, the “pearl of the Adriatic.” Here, during a walking tour, marvel at the Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque architecture tucked inside the medieval city walls and enjoy time to explore this World Heritage site at leisure. Limited to 28 participants.

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September 15-16 — U.S. to Zagreb, Croatia

Depart the U.S. on an overnight flight to Zagreb, Croatia. Upon arrival, transfer to theEsplanade Zagreb Hotel. This evening, gather with fellow travelers for a welcome reception.

September 17 — Zagreb
Gain a thorough understanding of recent events that have shaped the stable, independent Croatia of today. Tucked between the sparkling Sava River and the forested slopes of Mount Medvednica, the city of Zagreb awaits you. Stroll the narrow, winding streets and admire the city’s rich array of Austro-Hungarian architecture. At the heart of Zagreb’s beautifully preserved Upper Town, visit iconic St. Mark’s Church. Originally erected in the 13th century, its brilliant tile mosaic roof depicts the Croatian, Dalmatian, and Slavic coats of arms as well as those representing Zagreb. (B)

September 18 — Zagreb
Enjoy a refreshing escape to one of Croatia’s most spectacular natural wonders. In a vision of unsurpassed beauty, 16 crystal lakes are laced together by a series of waterfalls and cascades. They shimmer in vibrant, constantly changing colors, a result of the stark terrain. Walk along trails in the fragrant forest of beech and pine, which is also home to many rare species. Take a scenic drive to Trogir, where you'll check in to the Hotel Trogir Palace. (B,L,D)

September 19 — Trogir
Discover the significant role Croatia’s Adriatic coastline has played throughout centuries of nautical history due to its strategic location and abundant bays, inlets, and coves. The city of Trogir is a microcosm of Croatian culture that flourished along the coast despite centuries of foreign rule. Step back in time as you stroll its maze of medieval streets. Pause to view the Cathedral of St. Lawrence’s striking portal, carved by Croatian master Radovan. Admire the intricate triforium adorning Cipiko Palace. Visit Kamerlengo Fortress, and climb St. Mark’s Tower for gorgeous views. Explore the ancient monastery within theChurch of St. Nicholas and the Town Hall. Return to Trogir in the afternoon and enjoy the remainder of the day at leisure. (B,D)

September 20 — Split, Trogir
Journey to the ancient harbor of Split and delight in the city’s abundant historical riches. Experience the incredible ancient site of Diocletian’s Palace, which has been continuously inhabited since the Roman emperor abdicated his throne in A.D. 305. See the cellars, temple ruins, peristyle, the elaborate Cathedral of St. Domnius and the Golden Gate. Roaming this complex’s tangle of passageways, courtyards and underground chambers is one of Croatia’s most enchanting experiences. Visit a local fish market to select your lunch, which will be prepared for you at a nearby restaurant. (B,L,D)

September 21 — Hvar
Silver sunlight dances upon the turquoise waters of the Adriatic as you enjoy a ferry ride to the island of Hvar. Check in to the Adriana Hvar Spa Hotel. Discover the great treasures lying within the 13th-century walls of Hvar’s Old Town, including richly ornamented Gothic palaces, picturesque squares and marble streets. Visit the Renaissance-eraCathedral of St. Stephen. Explore the Arsenal, where imposing war galleons were once repaired and refitted. Converted into a public theater in 1612, part of the Arsenal is still in use today. (B)

September 22 — Hvar
Admire the architecture in the historic city of Stari Grad and other towns dating from the 14th, 15th, and 16th centuries en route to Hvar’s wine country. Here, you'll learn about traditional Croatian wines and regional dishes that reflect the diverse cultures that have influenced the country over the course of its history. Croatia’s winemaking traditions date back more than two millennia, when Greek settlers planted the first vineyards along the Dalmatian coast. Today, Hvar wines are attracting international attention. Grown near craggy limestone bluffs, several local grape varieties have proven themselves superbly suited to the rugged environs. Participate in a wine tasting at a local winery, then enjoy a traditional dinner of meat and potatoes roasted on hot coals under a peka, an iron bell. (B,D)

September 23 — Dubrovnik
Cruise back to the mainland and take a scenic drive to Dubrovnik, where you will check in to the Grand Villa Argentina. (B,D)

September 24 — Dubrovnik
This beautiful city was relentlessly shelled during Croatia’s Homeland War in the early 1990s, but the medieval churches and graceful fountains and squares have been restored to their former glory. Admire the 14th-century Franciscan Monastery’s Romanesque cloister and visit its small apothecary, the oldest working pharmacy in Europe. Explore medieval Sponza Palace, which houses priceless ancient manuscripts. Admire the loggia and ornamentation of the Rector’s Palace and visit the baroque cathedral. The rest of the day is at leisure to explore the city on your own. (B)

September 25 — Dubrovnik
Spend the day at leisure exploring Dubrovnik’s trove of architectural, cultural, and artistic gems. Discover for yourself what writers throughout time have struggled to convey about this city’s inimitable allure. This evening, gather with fellow travelers for a farewell reception. (B)

September 26 — Dubrovnik, Vienna, Austria
This morning, transfer to the Dubrovnik airport for the flight to Vienna, Austria, where you’ll overnight at a deluxe hotel. (B)

September 27 — Vienna, U.S.
Board the return flight to your gateway city. (B)