Astronomy in Arizona

Take a spectacular intergalactic journey as you view the ultra-clear Arizona sky with hands-on telescope viewing and take behind-the-scenes tours of world-renowned centers for astronomy research.

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 MMT Observatory, Mount Hopkins, Arizona.   Credit: Howard Lester  A gibbous moon overlooks one of Smithsonian's telescope domes, opening to prepare for night observation.  Credit: David Aguilar  Visitors to the Smithsonian's Whipple Observatory enjoy sky watching through a variety of telescopes. Credit: David Aguilar  A 10-meter-diameter telescope that searches for flashes of light created when gamma rays hit Earth's atmosphere  Study Leader David Aguilar reflected in the Observatory's giant gamma-ray telescope  Kitt Peak Observatory  Viewing a lunar eclipse

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The excitement of learning in-depth astronomy made me feel like a kid - I was not the only participant who made this exclamation. 

June V.

Been to China, Antarctica, Italy, Hawaii, Arizona - all with extremely competent, friendly, and helpful leaders - I'll be back! 

Doublas C.


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September 21, 2014 Departed

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