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Emperor Penguin chicks beginning the dance of life Photo: Von Hawley

Expedition to AntarcticaA cruise to the Great White Final Frontier

Jan 26 - Feb 8, 2015
Trace the sea lanes traveled by explorers to the White Continent aboard the M.S. Le Boréal
Starting at $8,195
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Jim Zimbelman
Jan 26 - Feb 8, 2015
Dr. Jim Zimbelman is a planetary geologist at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum where he has served as the chairman of the Center for Earth and Planetary Studies. He has expertise in physics and mathematics (B.A.), geophysics and space physics (M.S. University of California at Los Angeles), as well as geology (Ph.D. Arizona State University). Jim was co-editor of the book Environmental Effects on Volcanic Eruptions: From Deep Oceans to Deep Space,” and has written more than 60 papers and maps for various peer-reviewed scientific journals and books. Over the past 20 years at NASM, he has been involved in the analysis of high-resolution spacecraft imaging and geophysical data of the Earth and terrestrial planets, geologic mapping of Mars and Venus, and other geologic studies of terrestrial planets.